Sri Lanka’s first ever CodeRetreat :Grand Success


Sri Lanka's first ever CodeRetreat :Grand Success 3


June 2nd, Sri Lanka’s first ever CodeRetreat  was held at the Hotel Galadari,  made possible by Exilesoft  and facilitated by Johannes Brodwall (a solution architect by day and a test-infected programmer by night). This was attended by over 50 coders.


How did it work?

It was a day-long event from 8:30am to 5:00pm with breakfast, tea/coffee, lunch etc. The focus was on practicing the basics of good design without having the pressure to get things done. (Code for yourself!) The day was split into six sessions in which the coders worked on the same problem over and over again. In each session coders paired with a different programmer to maximize the knowledge transfer. After each session all the code that had been written was deleted. This gave coders a chance in the next session to start all over again without being constrained by any design decisions that were made in the previous session. The combination of pair programming with the focus on writing perfect code instead of solving the problem gave participants a unique opportunity to improve coding skills.

At the end of each session Johannes discussed the code and gave the opportunity for coders to talk on what they had learned and the challenges etc. It was regarded as a great success by all who took part.


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