Sri Lanka’s first JavaScript Hackathon announced!


The fine folk over at the Colombo Javascript meetup are having a hackathon!
Excited already? Good. Before you get your white hats on, a clarification: this is not about cracking firewalls.

CMBhack.js is a creative, 34-hour event in which Javascript enthusiasts get to pitch, develop and submit their best ideas.  In those 34 hours, you get to meet a hundred enthusiasts like yourself, come up with an awesome idea that can be done in JavaScript, recruit others to your cause- and hack away! Internet, meals and tech support will be provided. All that’s demanded of you is to come up with something that’ll blow the judge’s minds away. 


Why Javascript? Javascript is everywhere. It’s the tour-de-force of the Internet. It’s also one of the fastest-growing specializations in the tech industry. The idea is to show the Javascript community what you’re capable of – and to meet cool people with whom you can work on fantastic ideas.

 Who’s invited? Anybody with the Javascript skills to pull off a team project in such a short time-frame. Developers, students, UX designers with CSS/ HTML skills, budding entrepreneurs and PHP, Python, Ruby developers with Javascript skills – even Android and iOS wizards. Bring your ideas, your laptop, your skills and your ego.

 When and where?  Cmbhack.js will be held on 5th and 6th of April at Orion City. Register and read more at More to be revealed at the upcoming Colombo Javascript Meetup on the 27th of March (at 6 pm at the WSO2 office, Duplication Road). Keep an eye out – we’ll update you as and when it happens!



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