Sri Lanka Baton: Sri Lanka’s heart and soul on Instagram


If you’re an active Instagram user then it’s likely you’ve already heard of SriLanka Baton. For those of you who aren’t, it’s an Instagram account. Anyone can use for a day to tell a picture story. Here are some amazing photos from users all over, each painting its own slice of Sri Lanka:

@anukshi @artisticmaterialist 2 @artisticmaterialist 3 @artisticmaterialist @budumalli 6 @budumalli 8 @bugztagram 2 @bugztagram 5 @cocoveranda 2 @cocoveranda @dindu @gehan_99 @gopiharan 2 @ibbaw92 2 @ibbaw92 4 @ibbaw92 @joanafaria 3 @joanafaria 4 @nazlyahmed @rothbourne2 @rushda @sajath 2 @sajath 9 @tuan_shehan 3 @tuan_shehan @zamanizainudeen 2 thejester100 2 thejester100

For more amazing pictures, click here and check out Srilanka Baton on instagram – and get ready for a dozen new perspectives on our home turf.

If you want to be a part of this initiative then simply drop an email to [email protected] It’s open to any instagrammer, or at least anyone willing to install the instagram app –  tweeps, organizations and probably even rogue AI’s. All you need is a smartphone with a decent camera, the instagram app and an eye for good pictures.



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