This Startup Will Simplify How You Connect To The Internet


The moment you land in a foreign airport, what’s the first thing you do? You search for a Wi-Fi signal. It’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It’s pretty much a vital part of our lives nowadays. We need it to check our Whatsapp, emails or even to hail a taxi. But what if Wi-Fi is not available? *gasp*.

Well, you could go to a mobile kiosk and get yourself a SIM card from one of the local networks but that’s just too much troublesome. You need to compare data plans, sign numerous documents, make sure the SIM is the correct form factor to fit your device. There has to be an easier way.

Well, now thanks to one man’s ingenuity, there is. Simplify created by Malaysian Entrepreneur Yen Pei Tay aims to do away with all the madness and ease all your problems about finding reliable internet. With 13 years of experience working in the telecommunications industry, Tay certainly does know his way around the field, thus leaving his job to create Simplify.

How does Simplify Work?

It’s rather straightforward actually. A user can choose to sell his/her mobile data at a price they feel is the best. From there, buyers searching for data can see all available listings and then choose one that fits their budget. There’s no starting fee or contract. Simply select the data package and you have access to the internet.

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After a user has selected a plan via Simplify’s app, all they need to do is click the confirm button. All passwords will be handled by the app so you no longer need to remember long Wi-Fi passwords. In addition, you are only charged for the amount of data you consume and not the entirety of the package. For example, if you purchase a block of 1GB for US$5 but use up only around 10 MB, your payment due would be 5 cents. In terms of revenue for the Simplify, the team takes a 25% commission.

Because of the privacy concerns of people piggybacking on mobile data, Tay and his team have gone to vast lengths to ensure that Simplify has the highest level of security incorporated into it as possible.

Initially aimed at selling directly to corporates, the team then decided to change their approach as contracts would sometimes take upto 18 months to be signed. In 2015, Tay was invited to be part of the global entrepreneurship bootcamp at MIT. After receiving a lot of feedback from early adopters and investors, the team decided on a strategy of helping people resell mobile internet.

Simplify already has over 50,000 downloads on the Google Play store with Malaysia being the most popular destination closely followed by the US and Italy. It is also growing in countries such as Singapore where tour guides are guides offering it as an extra service to their customers. Implementation for iOS expected to be available by the first half of 2017.

Future plans for Simplify include a delve into big data analytics where the team would assist Governments in understanding user behavior such as when they connect to the internet, devices used, and the quality of mobile networks in specific areas. From there, the team can analyze the data to find areas with insufficient coverage and provide options for overcoming these issues.

You can click here to check out Simplify’s Android App.



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