Head to the Beach For Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa


Less than 2 months since the last Startup Weekend by Techstars happened in Kandy, rumors of another startup weekend popped up on the startup radar. Well, looks like those rumors are actually true.

What is a Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event that brings together people from all walks of life. With the aim of building collaboration and networking, the goal of Techstars Startup Weekend is to build a product or service within the span of 54 hours and then launch that product to the market.

Thus far, we’ve seen Startup weekends happen in Colombo, Jaffna, Trincomalee, and Kandy. This time, however, we’re headed to the sunny beach sands of Hikkaduwa. That’s right folks. Get your sunscreen and beachwear ready because Startup Weekend will be held from the 9th to the 11th of March, at the Refresh Hotel, Hikkaduwa.

Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa
A snapshot of all the Startup Weekend events (not in chronological order)

What happens at Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa?

Day one is all about getting to know each other and indulge in a bit of food and drink. Here, you can talk with like-minded folks or even stir up a conversation with those who look at the world differently. From there, each participant will be asked to pitch an idea. Any and all ideas are welcome and encouraged.

Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa
Getting to know each other is a vital part of any Startup Weekend

The trick here is to convince other participants that your idea is a good one. Remember, a key part of day one at a Startup weekend is to gather enough votes from your peers. If you do that, then you are one step closer to making your dreams a reality.

Validating your ideas

If your idea gets enough votes and you have people that want to be a part of your idea, then that is where Day 02 of Techstars Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa comes into play. Now that you have your idea and your team sorted, it’s up to you to see if your idea is actually viable. This can be done via market validation. Here, you would go out to the real world, talk to potential clients and then see if your product or service would be beneficial for them.

Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa
Teams being mentored after carrying out market validation.

Apart from this, you would also have some time with a team of experts who would be mentoring the teams at Techstars Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa. Once your market validation is done, it’s time to kick things into overdrive. You only have 54 hours to launch your product. Needless to say, time a very precious commodity that you cannot afford to waste.

Go for the gold

Day 03 is where you pull all the strings to deliver your final presentation. Here, you would pitch your idea to a panel of judges and show them a demo of your work over the last 54 hours. Impress the judges enough and you could very well walk away as the winner of Techstars Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa with a number of benefits added as well.

Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa
The winners of Startup Weekend Kandy

Attending Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa?

Well, you’ll need to get tickets. But not to worry. All you have to do is head over to this link and buy tickets. Tickets are broken down into a number of categories based on what skills you will be presenting for Techstars Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa. Are you a developer? Or a designer? Do you like to go talk to people and win them over? Simply choose the relevant ticket and make the payment and you’re good to go.

The folks over at Mogo Super have something special in store for those attending Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa. When purchasing your ticket, just use the promo code “ReadMe” and you will be entitled to a $15 discount on your ticket.

We at ReadMe will be at Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa to bring you all the details as and when it happens. If you see us, you’re more than welcome to come over, say hi and hang out with us as well.

If you want to learn more about Startup Weekend Hikkaduwa, you can do so by clicking here.


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