Startup Weekend Jaffna: How To Spend Your Weekend


If you missed out on the last Startup Weekend that happened a couple of weeks ago in Trincomalee, now’s your chance to take part in Startup Weekend Jaffna.

But first, you might ask yourself, what exactly is Startup Weekend? Well, the answer to that is quite simple. Startup Weekend is a hackathon that brings together coder, designer, marketers, entrepreneurs, bankers, lawyers etc. for a 54-hour session. The purpose of Startup Weekend is to create a startup over the course of the weekend. Organized by Techstars, Startup Weekend is also powered by Google for Entrepreneurs

Following the success of the ideas and innovation seen in at the last Startup Weekend, we can pretty much guarantee that Startup Weekend Jaffna is an experience you’re unlikely to forget. Even more interesting is that this is the second time that Startup Weekend is being held in Jaffna. This means that we’re likely to see things get bigger and better.

Startup Weekend Jaffna will be held from the 10th of November to the 12th Of November 2017 at the Sakthi Holiday Home, Kopay, Jaffna. Here’s a video from our past experience at Startup Weekend Jaffna.

So what happens at Startup Weekend Jaffna?

Well, beginning on Friday and going all the way through until Sunday you have just 54 hours to do everything. You learn from your fellow team members and mentors how to take an idea from a concept all the way into execution.

Day 01

Friday would be the ice-breaker day. Here you would get to know one another and carry out a bit of socializing. You would also get the opportunity to pitch your idea to your peers as well. Once you pitch, the goal is to get votes from the rest of the participants. Once you’re done, you can ask people to come vote for your idea. If your idea gets enough votes, then those who voted would become your team members.

Startup Weekend Jaffna
Participants voting for their favorite ideas

Day 02

On Saturday, you would get the chance to discuss your idea with the mentors. They will offer their views and guide you through any challenges you face when developing your project. Throughout the day, there will also be sessions by a number of speakers as well.

Startup Weekend Jaffna
The Speakers at Startup Weekend Jaffna

Day 03

On the third day which is Sunday, it’s time to let it all go and unleash your teams’ full potential. Beginning with mock pitches to the mentors, you will learn how to tidy up your presentation and tie up the loose ends in your product. Think of the mock pitches as the training range to prepare yourself for the real deal.

Once you’ve done the mock pitches, it’s time to make the actual pitch. Pull out all the stops and impress the judges enough, and you might just walk away being crowned the winner of Startup Weekend Jaffna.

What’s in it for me?

Well, for starters, it gives you ample opportunity to work, share and collaborate with a bunch of people you may or may not have met before, in order to create something beautiful. You would also gain a wealth of knowledge that you can’t find by attending a lecture or a class. Plus, it feels really cool to say that you built up a company over the weekend, doesn’t it?

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, designer, developer or you just have a really cool idea that you want to work on, we encourage you to be a part of Startup Weekend Jaffna. Tickets are selling out fast, but if you’re interested, you can register and buy tickets by clicking this link.

So, what are your plans for the weekend?


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