Head To The Hills for Startup Weekend Kandy


From Colombo to Jaffna, to Negombo, and Trincomalee, we have certainly had our share of traveling. The primary reason for this, of course, is Startup Weekend. If you really don’t know about it by now, Startup Weekend is an event hosted Startup Weekend Sri Lanka that brings together anyone with a passion for creating their own business for 54 hours. Organized by TechStars, Startup Weekend is also powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

Startup Weekend Kandy
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Ayubowan, Startup Weekend Kandy

Yes, that’s right. We’re taking a trip to Kandy for the very first Startup Weekend for 2018. The last weekend we spend in Jaffna saw actually the second startup weekend to be held in Jaffna. As we expected, it was indeed bigger and better. So what can we expect from Startup Weekend Kandy?

Day 01

Dubbed the “ice-breaker” day, Friday is when all the participants, mentors and volunteers get together to meet and greet each other. You can also use that time to pitch one of your idea to your peers as well.

Startup Weekend Kandy
A participant presenting his idea at Startup Weekend Jaffna

If your pitch is caught by the right people, then your next goal would be to get votes from the rest of the participants. Get enough votes and you’re one step closer to kicking off your startup weekend. If your idea gets enough votes, then those who voted would become your team members.

Day 02

This is the day you get to have a one-on-one with the mentors. Each one has a specific area of expertise such as marketing or software engineering, law etc. They will have limited time to talk to you so make sure you plan all your questions and make maximum use of the mentors. After all, Startup Weekend Kandy is 54 hours.

Startup Weekend KandyThe mentors will guide you, offering their views and help you through any tough spots that you’re going through with regard to your idea. In addition, you’ll also have sessions carried by a number of speakers as well.

Day 03

This is the day you go no holds barred. This is the day that you make your pitch to a panel of judges. You can take part in a mock pitch to make sure that your presentation skills and the team are on point. Once you’ve done the mock pitches, it’s time to make the actual pitch.

Startup Weekend KandyAfter that, it’s time to give it everything you got. Impress the judges enough and you may just walk away crowned as the winner of Startup Weekend Kandy.

Being a part of Startup Weekend Kandy

Well, that process is easy. All you need to do is click here to get your tickets. This time, the process this time is a lot easier. For starters, registrations are completely free. In case you missed it, previous Startup Weekend events required participants to register by paying $25. Well, this time it’s all free. Now before you get into a mad rush and sign up, you’ll probably want to know when and where Startup Weekend Kandy is going to be.

Well, you better mark down the 26th to the 28th of January 2018 because that’s when Startup Weekend Kandy is going to be. As for the venue, well, that would be the Oak Ray Regency, Kandy. If you want to be a part of Startup Weekend Kandy, then we urge you to get a move on as there are only 120 registrations that would be accepted. You can learn more about Startup Weekend Kandy by visiting their website and Facebook page


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