Startup Weekend Trincomalee Part Two: Amping Things Up


Day 02 of Startup Weekend Trincomalee was off to a bright and early start. Mainly because all participants were up early in the morning. Following a hearty breakfast, the participants gathered once more in the hall of Trinco Beach Hotel. Here, they would begin their journey of a lifetime. In case you missed what happened on Day 01 of Startup Weekend Trincomalee, you can check it out here.

Starting off Day 02 of Startup Weekend Trincomalee

The day’s proceedings started off with the mentors introducing themselves and what skills and fields they specialized in. The participants could use the skills of these mentors depending on what the newly created teams would be specializing in.

Startup Weekend TrincomaleePriyanka Khanna was back on stage to assign mentors to the 10 selected teams. By means of a whiteboard, the teams could pick up to three mentors. Each mentor would provide one hour of advice and communication to each team in order for the team to carry on their work. Priyanka urged the teams to only interact with the mentors whose skills the team could make use of so as not to waste precious time. Remember, the teams were racing against the clock to make their ideas a reality.

Startup Weekend Trincomalee
The Mentors introducing themselves and what skills they offer.

The layout of Day 02

The tasks for the day would be to pick mentors, define the problem that the team has identified, talk to customers and get their feedback and then continue their work. As the day progressed, the teams spent a majority of their time working with their assigned mentors to work out any problems that they had.

Startup Weekend Trincomalee
The teams working out the Mentor timetable

If one were to walk into the hall of Trinco Beach Hotel, you would have seen ten tables, each with around 3-4 people huddled together, working on their product. Around 6 PM, Priyanka was up to give some advice to the teams. She got the teams to come to the front and asked them to provide a progress report on their products.

How were the teams faring?

Most of the teams had around 50-60% of their presentations complete and a majority of their products followed suit. A few teams, however, had some issues with regard to their presentations and their MVP (minimum viable product). The teams explained their status and Priyanka along with the panel of mentors were quick to advise the teams on how they could overcome the challenges they were facing.

Startup Weekend Trincomalee
The teams explaining their current progress of their work

Priyanka also spoke about the grading scheme that would be used to evaluate the teams. Accordingly, each team would be evaluated on three key areas: Customer Validation, MVP, and Business model. Each area would be worth 33% of the final evaluation score. Priyanka urged the teams to pay attention to all three areas in an equal manner as a loss of focus in one area could have dire consequences.

We learned more about Entrepreneurship

Ziyam Abdeen, Chairman/Director at WinSYS Networks (Pvt) Ltd was up on stage to talk about entrepreneurship and the importance of attending events like Startup Weekend Trincomalee. He emphasized that even though the participants were volunteering, they should take an example of what happens at Startup Weekend Trincomalee for all their future endeavors.

Startup Weekend Trincomalee
Ziyam Abdeen, Chairman/Director at WinSYS Networks (Pvt) Ltd addressing the participants

With less than 24 hours remaining on the clock, the teams were focusing all their energy on getting everything right with their products and the presentations as well. Priyanka explained how Day 03 of Startup Weekend Trincomalee would work. Starting bright and early, the teams would work until 3 PM.

Startup Weekend Trincomalee
The Mentors too put their heads together to plan about Day 03

What happens at 3 PM? That would be the deadline for their mock presentations. The mock presentations would be in front of one or two mentors in order to get their feedback on the final pitches. The final pitches would start at 5 PM. Each presentation would be 3 minutes in duration and in an ideal presentation, have a maximum of 10 slides. Following that, there would be 2 minutes of Q&A.

That wrapped up Day 02 at Startup Weekend Trincomalee

With a few more words of encouragement, Priyanka ended the activities for Day 02 of Startup Weekend Trincomalee. The teams could stay in the halls and work till 11 PM but Priyanka urged them to get a good night’s rest and be energetic and ready for Day 03 of Startup Weekend Trincomalee. This would be the culmination of 54 hours of hard work. What would happen? Who would win? Stay tuned and find out.


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