Students Battle it out at the Inter-University eSports Championship


For the second consecutive year, Gamer.LK held the Inter-University eSports Championship at Trace Expert City. Alongside this, the Geek Avurudu Celebrations was also held at the same premises. In eight competitive titles, students from various universities took part to gain individual glory and to try and win the overall championship. The available titles for this year were as shown below.

Inter-University eSports Championship
Image credits: GamerLK

Team Games –

  • DOTA 2
  • Call of Duty 4
  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Individual Games –

  • FIFA 17
  • Project Cars
  • Mortal Kombat XL

So who were the winners of this competition?

How the Games Happened

As it is supposed to be, the intense matches between students representing various universities lightened up the event. Another beauty of the event was to see known gamers from different rival clans teaming up together as one to make all-star teams represent their respective universities. This lead to exciting new line-ups, tactics, roles, and plays by top players alongside new unknown faces.

Inter-University eSports Championship
Teams from various universities fought to bring this trophy home (Image credits: Gamer.LK)

By the end of Sunday, the following teams and individuals were the ones to bring glory to their universities:

DOTA 2 –

  • Winner: APIIT – Organized Chaos
  • Runner-up: NSMB – MobiDikkillen

Call of Duty 4 –

  • Winner: NSBM – Team NSBM
  • Runner-up: KDU – Team KDU

League of Legends –

  • Winner: Edulink – 13 Reasons to Surrender
  • Runner-up: SLIIT – Team imba

Counter-Strike: GO –

  • Winner: ICBT – YOLO
  • Runner-up: KDU – Team Vortex

Mortal Kombat XL –

  • Winner: ANC – Morpheus
  • Runner-up: ICBT – RaSsyCzaR

FIFA 17 –

  • Winner: APIIT – Venom
  • Runner-up: ICBT – Dumin

Project Cars –

  • Winner: ICBT – LokDown
  • Runner-up: ICBT – BigHorn

With two gold medals and three silver medals, ICBT won the overall Inter-University eSports Championship 2017. Giving a close fight, APIIT managed to secure themselves as the overall runner-up of the tournament. NSBM and KDU are honorary mentions as well.

The Bonus Wins

While the main event followed glory, there were some other games happening at the event. One was Dialog Gaming’s Special Force 2 event that took place on both days. It was a free for all contest for all participants and visitors to try out. On the first day, an individual Deathmatch contest was held and the winners of the day were given 200GB of Dialog 4G data to be used for a month. The second day the format changed to 5v5 Team Deathmatch. The winning team was awarded 1TB of Dialog 4G data for a month.

Inter-University eSports Championship
Image credits: GamerLK

The other contests were by HP as well. The biggest of these contests was HP’s challenge in Mortal Kombat XL to score the best combo. The person scoring the longest combo was given an HP OMEN Gaming Laptop as a prize. The winner of this contest was RaSsyCzaR representing ICBT.

Another Year Concludes

Once again, we saw eSports venture into the world of higher education and the initiative has grown since its inception. Hopefully, we’ll see eSports join the many other sports exercised at universities across Sri Lanka. But for now, we celebrate the conclusion of an exciting Inter-University eSports Championship. Of course, we are still in the exciting early stages of the Sri Lankan eSports calendars. There’s more to come, which includes the Mercantile eSports championship where we’ll see the companies of Sri Lanka battle it out for digital glory.


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