Sunday Morning Recap: 18th May, 2014


May was a bit of a busy month for us. With a sizeable chunk of the crew tied down with exams and the World Youth Conference, our Facebook page nevertheless managed to be very busy – thanks mostly to our photojournalists, who kept up the good fight, getting out those stories a thousand words at a time. Let’s see what’s happened thus far:

APIIT hosted Sri Lanka’s first-ever Google Campus Week

google campus

A Google Campus week is a uber-geeky celebration of the awesomeness of ‘net giant Google, and universities all over the world host them. The Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology joined their ranks when it invited a whole bunch of Google Student Ambassadors to share their insights with everyone.

Spiralation (ICTA) kicked off a fantastic two-day hackathon right in the middle of WCY


And it was a massive success, with seasoned devs packing code and toothbrushes together to make things work. Things apparently got so intense that someone had to be carried out.

Sujit Christy, in a startlingly accurate briefing, pointed out that that digital warfare is a bigger threat than nuclear bombs

Which, when you think about it, is the gospel truth.

The Firefox guys and girls had their launch party


Celebrating a retooled user interface isn’t usually done with a party, but quite a lot people had fun doing it at NSBM. Firefox’s very successful facelift has made it a lot more attractive to a lot more people, a startling example of the importance of UI design.

Facebook rolled out Sinhala

Thanks to a great deal of volunteer effort, Sri Lanka’s favorite social network can now be read by most Sri Lankans.

People got Nailed in Majestic City


n00b Alliance’s very public gaming tournament packed Majestic City from one end to another with spectators and brought out some old eSports rivalries.

And last but not least, the Instagram crowd had the first #instameetColombo at Independence Square yesterday

Celebrating the art of selfies and sharing experiences through digital photography, Colombo’s first Instameet kicked off as the 9th global Instameet began. We’re very happy to see and the Curve bar pitching in with freebies and discounts. This is what social media’s about – bringing people from all over together, forming bonds out of shared interests, and maybe enjoying a free drink while you’re at it. Kudos to the organizers of all these great events – here’s hoping next week will be as eventful.


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