Sunday Morning Recap: 6th July, 2014


Conferences every five minutes, night races in Kandy, liveblogs and more conferences after – things were so hectic last week that we completely refused to acknowledge the existence of Sunday. Hence, no recap. But the good news is – that just gives us more to talk about this time!

It was Nokia’s fault. They began everything. They released a new launcher for Android (fancy that) that disappeared from the official sites almost as soon as it arrived. Anyway, we managed to snag an APK for review.

Then of course there was SLASSCOM, IFS and their Campus Direct Link. After seeing the horribly vague press releases on usual media, we decided to see what it actually did. 

Facebook raised a huge ruckus with the results of their social interaction test.


We hit an unprecedented four events in two days – and for three of them we did liveblogs…

…thereby proving that sleep is for the weak…


We then took a small break before hitting Mashable Social Media Day Colombo and QA Lustre 2014

We also had a look at CSIRT, the cybersec response team for banks.

While we were doing all of this, the world unveiled Japanese robot newscasters, 36-core processors, DDR4 (again) and more.

3 - gappiya - storyboarding process

We interviewed Tharindu Wickramasinghe, aka Youtube sensation “Gappiya”, finding out the story of how he went from Maharagama to YouTube.

“India’s Amazon” unveiled their own series of $45 smartphones


Speaking of which, we got our hands on the Etel Curiosity N3, a budget smartphone that nobody outside Sri Lanka seems to have heard of. Is it worth your money? Take a look and see for yourself.

Of course, Valve has to outdo everything. They clocked a record 8 million users on their Steam Summer Sale this year.


And finally, the Lankan Summoner’s League began again. 


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