Sunday Morning Recap: June 15th, 2014


E3 has stolen the spotlight.

Well, not stolen, per se: it’s E3. The Entertainment Electronic Expo, the biggest trade fair in the video game industry, has been a showstopper past compare for so many years that it’s actually been difficult dragging our eyes off the latest Lara Croft game to focus on the “mundane”, like Google buying another company or Spiralation launching again.

Nevertheless, here’s our week in IT, recapped.

The prize pool for a video game tournament – Dota 2 – reached over a whopping $ 9 million, taking a massive step towards cementing eSport’s legitimacy.


Spiralation, the startup incubation program, launched again

Spiralation, ICTA’s tech startup incubation program, is once again live and accepting new submissions for 2014. You can get the application forms from (the deadline for applications is the 4th July 2014).

Thurstan College got a hundred new PCs courtesy of China

Dispel thoughts of CRTs from your mind: as you can see in the video below, they’re quite new.

Google bought their second aerospace company this year

While all eyes have been focused on E3, Google’s been busy: the Internet giant is acquiring Skybox Imaging for $500 million.

We took a look at some of E3’s hottest games

After three sleepless nights, E3 wrapped-up on June 12th. We had a glance of how the next-gen games look like and we were all impressed.

Paypal’s CEO left to join Facebook


Tweetdeck got taken down by a 19-year old and some JavaScript

How much mayhem did this vulnerability cause in that brief time? Thankfully, nothing hardcore.

Major telcos are launching GSMA Mobile Connect in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan operators Dialog Axiata and Mobitel will launch a beta trial of the GSMA Mobile Connect service that will allow consumers to conveniently, securely and consistently access a wide array of digital services by using their smartphones and feature phones as devices for authentication.

We had a look at the somewhat suspicious Dialog Music

Very recently, the local mobile scene saw two major forays into the online music streaming market lately. The first one was Thaala, by MicroImage, which we covered on Readme sometime back.

The second one is Dialog Music by well.. Dialog.

We also had a shootout between two futuristic multiplayer games

Titanfall vs Blacklight: Retribution

Sohan Dharmaraja of SocialRoo brought us an incredibly cool vision of the future of marketing platforms

Photo courtesy of Hochberg Photography and Design (
Photo courtesy of Hochberg Photography and Design (



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