Sunday Morning Recap: June 8th, 2014


“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” 
― Linus Torvalds

It seems Colombo’s hackathon wave has yet to pass us by. While the Sri Lankan tech community clustered around hackathons on both sides of the week, the world at large thronged in their hundreds and thousands to superscaled conferences along the lines of Computex. Let’s roll that movie again:


Apple’s WWDC brought us some interesting revelations – including a new programming language

yosemiteWhile most of WWDC was basically the Californian giant trying to get to where Android and third party applications have been for a long time, some of it was quite useful. We’re assuming you want to skip the endless iPhone fan-human-ism, so click to find out the three most relevant developments there.

Our internet took a hit (literally)

Thanks to some minor cable damage on the Singapore side of things. Men take an arrow to the knee; undersea cables take an anchor to the face. 

Forty schools in Sri Lanka began a six-month trial with KhanAcademy and MathCloud lessons in Sinhalakhan

Thanks to the Asian DevelopmentBank, who translated mathematics lessons from both sites for students.

Hutch rolled out an all-in-one app field called Hutch Buddy

And SLASSCOM, along with PricewaterhouseCoopers, rolled out their industry salary survey for 2014

Samsung unveiled the world’s first commercially available Tizen smartphone

Now all we have to do is sit back and see if they can pull off four years’ worth off apps, too

We tied up with Wooroll for job search

TADHack began!

1623193_653915197990688_7828175304243816367_nCheck out our live albums here and here for photographic updates from the site itself

Telco marketing went a bit too far – again

This time, it’s HD Voice on the table

And last but not least, we took some time to defend our generations’ so-called narcissism

Did you know the first selfie is over two hundred years old? It still doesn’t excuse Rihanna’s Instagram feed, but you should read this.


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