Swedish Firm Inks Deal With Creative Solutions, Sri Lanka


Accure, a small Swedish firm headquarted in Gothenburg, recently teamed up with Sri Lankan Creative Solutions. Accure’s field is in business process and integration solutions for ERPs;  Creative Solutions is to work on research and development for the Accure Application Suite, one of the 20-person company’s core products.

“Accure selected Creative Solutions as our partner as we were impressed by the experience and technical ability demonstrated by their team of software engineers,” the company’s CTO, Carl Bengtsson, is reported to have said. “They will play a key role in assisting us to further develop and enhance our product suite and to maintain and strengthen our position in the markets and industries we serve.”

We’d actually only heard Creative Solutions mentioned in passing before, but as it turns out, it’s a sizeable operation: a development house, roughly 400 people in size, started by a Sri Lankan (Sushena Ranatunga) and a Swede (Jonas Bridgwater). Just as interestingly, they also seem to have held a hackathon recently in partnership with Cambio, the medical systems provider, shelling out a total cash prize pool of Rs 300,000.



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