TADhack gears up, shortlisting begins


On the evening of 29th of May, the TADhack teams gathered once more for the third and for some, the final meetup at the Dialog Futureworld. In case you’re still unaware as to what TADhack is, you can find out everything you need to know about it here.

The meetup kicked off with the teams being introduced to various experienced mentors who would give feedback to the ideas the teams to ensure that their ideas are at the global level expected of TADhack. Furthermore, the mentors were also giving the teams some advice on how they could successfully pitch their ideas to convince everyone else that their idea was awesome. This of course, is arguably the most important part and biggest challenge the teams will have to face, which is why it’s been a popular topic since the first TADhack meetup.

As the teams went home with modifications to their ideas, the shortlisting process begun. This process, which is currently underway, will decide which teams will be lucky to have the honour of representing Sri Lanka at the actual hackathon.

For those teams that don’t get selected, no need to be discouraged. Apparently Ideamart is very interested in those apps, so there’s a chance you could be the first ever Ideamart millionaire.


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