TADhack seminars: what you really need to know


We’ve mentioned how hSenid, in order to prep participants for a proper TADhack, launched a couple of noteworthy projects – a central resource center called DevSpace and a series of webinars to convey more information on the technologies developers can use and how to harness them with the tools provided.

The first webinar, by Jason Jebasenan, was an introduction and eye-opener to the potential of Telco applications as well as a showcase of what can be achieved, especially with SMS. Just a week after that came this second, 48-minute webinar on what USSD can do for you – and how to use it in your application. In it, Roshni Hewamallika and Isuru Wijesinghe covered the business potential of USSD as well as the actual implementation.

There’s also the slides for you to peruse:

As well as a sample application demoing USSD used by a coffee shop to further enhance their business. You can download it here.

A third webinar was held on the heels of this, detailing the applications of location services and APIs and ways they can be combined with messaging. In the video below, Duleepa Karunaratne and Rajiv Kumar explore both successful Telco apps and well as things on the code level.

The slides are here:

There’s also a sample application to download and test.

The folk at hSenid also tell us that there’s more to come: a 4th webinar on mobile payments – and how to use, code and deploy them to your advantage. It’s to be held on the 21st of May: if you haven’t signed up already, you can head over to http://devspace.hsenidmobile.com/webinars/#part-four and register. Happy hacking!


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