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Now it’s no secret today that mobile is slowly but surely getting bigger and bigger, as such it’s now more important than ever for a business to have some mobile prescience to reach its customers, which probably explains why Takas.lk recently revamped its site for mobile, thereby becoming the first mobile eCommerce website in Sri Lanka. Question is… does the revamp make it easier or harder to use the site? That’s what we plan on finding out!

In case you haven’t heard of Takas.lk, it’s a local eCommerce site that is basically a digitized Arpico outlet that stocks electronics like what you find in Unity plaza; you can check out our previous review on it here. They also provide tech-support to your doorstep in case you need any help with setting-up new/old broken electronics. Now onto looking at the new mobile interface of Takas.

When you arrive at the new mobile homepage, on top you’ll see a Takas banner. Below the banner you’ll see a menu bar which looks a lot like one you expect to find in an app: there’s an options icon to access your account and wish list and the whole works like login, logout, cart and search bar.

Unlike the desktop version of Takas.lk, the mobile version doesn’t list the latest special offers or newest products for certain categories on the homepage. Instead below the menu bar all you’ll see a list of the various categories into which products are divided into, which one could argue is well suited for a mobile due to the size of its screen and is a lot cleaner too.


After selecting a category another similar page loads which shows the various subcategories available, and after selecting a subcategory you can view the various products available for purchase.


Now onto the products listings. In the mobile version of Takas.lk, products appear in a list format, unlike the desktop version which also offers a grid view, so you have to scroll down to view new products. Just like the desktop version, product listings page will show you just the basic information on the product: the name and price, by clicking on a product listing you can view more detailed information about a product.

Sorting in the mobile version remains similar to the desktop version, a sort icon allows you to select whether you want to sort either by name or price and an arrow icon next to the sort icon allows you to select whether you wish the list to be sorted in either ascending or descending order.

The list format can indeed be tiring at times when browsing products, unlike the grid view for categories with a lot of products; luckily Takas.lk’s mobile version also like the desktop version has the Shop by feature located at the bottom of the page which allows you to narrow down your search to products in a price range that’s fitting for your wallet.

Overall, I have to say I’m impressed with what Takas has done to their mobile site. The new interface gives you the information you want with little hassle, allowing you to browse Takas’s entire stock easily on your phone and quickly too, since the site has a pretty fast loading time as well.



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