Takas.lk: a shopper’s point of view.


Personally, I’m a bit wary of e-commerce sites. There’s usually good stuff hidden by layers and layers or troll ads, and one can only take so many terribly worded, overpriced ads along the lines “Saling Core2Duo latest G41 VGA can play any game”.

Takas.lk, on the other hand (snap) is a welcome change. They’re pretty straightforward: a straight-up, thorough online shopping site that’s got everything from i7-2600-powered Acer Predator G5 gaming machines (Rs 189, 000) to Galaxy Notes (Rs 111, 900) to hair dryers. Slightly heavy on consumer electronics. While you won’t find amazing secondhand deals here, you will find a range of brand-new products at fair prices (yes, I checked against Singer and Abans).

Big tiles on the main site proclaim proudly that all products come with agent warranties and island-wide delivery. There’s also plenty of image thumbnails to go with the products. Not a new thing, but it’s always nice to know that hairdryer comes in pink, too. You can pay with your Visa or MasterCard – and there’s a useful cash on delivery system for stuff under 3K. So yes, you can get a laptop shipped to Kandy and no, it’s not an Ebay clone. Takas is a more rigidly moderated marketplace. 


After two hours of browsing Takas, I must say their product range is impressive.  The site is navigated via a neat category menu that does the job. Apple accessories (yes, there’s a whole tab dedicated to Apple) – toys – computer stuff – a full gamut of smartphones – enough and more for the shopper; Acer and HP seem to feature prominently among the computer systems here.

There are home appliances, too (this includes BBQ grills). Personal and healthcare shows no perfumes, but enough grooming tools – and rechargeable razors. Also on the lists are SkullCandy headsets, a range of LED TVs, Galaxy S3 cases, and high-end point-and-shoot cameras.

The page also has a local hotline listed. Given the late-night nature of my browsing, everyone’s probably asleep – so let’s not press the call button. However, I need some information, and Takas needs a FAQ, preferably detailing the payment and shipment processes. In all other respects, the site is well-laid out, usable, and has a ton of products by even my dedicated window-shopper standards. As it turns out, they have almost everything electronic. Imagine an Arpico outlet, load it up with electronics from Unity Plaza, digitize the lot and you’ll have a fair idea of what takas.lk is.


  1. Thanks for this, have been looking for a site that allows browsing for electronics from the comfort of my home, the free delivery is an added bonus. Will definitely try this one out.

  2. Woha! Amazing!! Clean and a simple web site. The only thing that wasn't clear to me was how to claim warranty, agent or Takas.lk? Also is it money back guarantee? return / change days.. Also when you click on the product image it gets bigger by darkening the background, but the menu overlaps the image. I'm using chrome.

    Cheers and good work btw! keep rocking.

  3. Anyway as a current eCommerce site owner i am extremely happy with Takas.lk
    Because there must be more eCommerce ventures in Srilanka.then only eCommerce stores can get more sales.competition is the key factor in eCommerce…so anyway…..i wish you all the best guys….keep up the good work and we'll wish for a good and flexible eCommerce market in Srilanka in near future… Thumbs Up!!!

  4. Cool, but some stuff if we walk into the store would get a better price.. i remember buying Imation Nano Flash Drive 8GB for rs.1,000… also Philips Dry iron GC148 could be baught at Rs.3100… value for my money?

  5. What's sad is that I hadn't heard of this virtual store until now. That's the problem with most our online marketplaces, they lack advertising. The first and only website that has done an excellent job at advertising their website is ikman.lk. I see their advertisements every where I go. They're doing an amazing job!

  6. This has it's good and bad. If one walks into a electronic store could bargain on the prices and get a better deal. Also nothing like experiencing the touch and feel of the product.

  7. Though they say “takas” ( which ideally mean immediately) when it comes to even picking up the good it takes least 3-5 days for them to keep it ready despite the real meaning of the name ” takas” . On the other hand when we send someone to pick it up with the original receipt ( which is generated through our email, where no one can access without our passwords) they still want us to send information on the person we sent to collect goods. Though it could be somewhat ok takas team also want us to mention our card number (that we placed the order) to the party we send to collect the goods too. I believe that it is not fair to do so to divulge such info to a third party specially if that person is a driver or a worker we send on behalf of us.
    Online markets/purchases ideally should make our lives easy, and with these kind of delays/stringent and unnecessary processes the chances of takas clients moving to peers is definitely high. i have had zero hassle with your peers like mydeal or even wow, and takas will definitely would not be the first choice going forward.


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