Takas Snaps Up New Investors: Could Become Sri Lanka’s Amazon?


From playing around with drones for their new delivery system to recording some staggering growth for December 2017 and even delving into progressive web applications, Takas seems to be on a roll. One could even say that they have been growing at the speed of snapping fingers.

When you snap up a good deal from Takas

The latest good news for Takas comes from two interesting individuals. They are Velan Thillairajah and Murtaza Esufally. The US based Velan is the Founder and Chief Executive Innovator of EAI Technologies, whilst Murtaza is the board director at the Hemas Group.

Why are these people important to Takas?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple. Both Velan Thillairajah and Murtaza Esufally will be investing in Takas and using their expertise to help the eCommerce platform grow. In fact, in a statement by Velan, he explained that he “was blown away by the efficiency created within the traditional disparate order fulfillment process through the smart underlying software covering online retailing, CRM, order processing and customer support. I expect Takas to be referred to as the Amazon of Sri Lanka!”

Velan Thillairajah (L) and Murtaza Esufall (R)

In addition to being an investor, Velan will also be joining the Takas Advisory Board. Commenting on this, CEO and Co-founder of Takas Pvt Ltd, Lahiru Pathmalal explained that he is thrilled to have Velan on board. Velan, who has taken EAI to serve as a collaborative partner with clients such as Verizon, Cardinal Health, Neustar, VeriSign, and Capital One can share his knowledge and experience related to Cyber Security, Supply Chain/Logistics, online ad targeting and merchant payment services.

Murtaza Esufally explained that “It is inevitable that e-commerce will grow for consumer goods and electronics. The shift will be sudden and shake traditional retail. I believe Takas will make the customer experience smoother and better.” This is also seen with the company launching Progressive Web Apps or PWA in Sri Lanka.

Are Progressive Web Apps the future? (Image Credits: Petri

PWA essentially harnesses the power of modern web browsers to deliver a user experience like that of using a mobile app without the need to install an actual app or a plug-in. The benefits here are that PWA are fast, responsive and is able to create more engagement because there is no need to download and install a separate app.


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