Takas Services: tech help at your doorstep!


Ever had a crisis with your PC but couldn’t simply find time to take it for repairs? Or tried ordering a new TV and figured that your parents are struggling to get it mounted? You could probably call in your neighbor for some support but it wouldn’t be sensible all the time, now would it?

That’s where Takas.lk, the first e-Commerce site to offer Cash on Delivery, is attempting something locally untried before: offering a range of SERVICES that can be bought online – like computer repairs, cable installations and TV mounting – with a click of a button. Sounds handy if you’re too busy to attend to the mundane!


But all good things come with a price, and depending on the services required you’re charged a reasonable amount. But that depends on what you consider as reasonable if indeed your friendly neighbor is available to lend you a hand. Once a service is ordered online, one of the Takas team members will get back to you to set a time for the techies to visit and fix the problem.

This service is probably the first of its kind offered locally, and we learn that as of now this service is available for Colombo and suburbs only. In case you get an opportunity to tryout this convenient service, please share your thoughts and experiences on the comments below.



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