Tantalize: the curtain rises


The audience is seated, the performers ready (or at least wishing they were). The compere has already initiated the lighting of the oil lamp – a reassuringly traditional touch given to the wildly creative entertainment yet to come. Darkness dominates, punctuated briefly by screams and cheers as the student Chairperson of Tantalize 2012 takes the stage.

5:41 pm. Tantalize 2012 has officially commenced – on schedule. The Musaeus College Auditorium is jam-packed with awestruck students as the stage goes wild all by itself: literally. A whole battery of automated lights begin pulsing out a visual disco.Tantalize: the curtain rises 11

And the first act begins:¬†Meneka Anthony from CFPS.¬†With a pulsating, traditional beat and the spotlight trained on her, this young lady begins to dance. We’re surprised and the audience goes wild as the fourth track in her repertoire turns out to be a distinct, gyrating biala beat!

Tantalize: the curtain rises 12

Tantalize: the curtain rises 13


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