Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we’re coming to you LIVE from the Tantalize 2012 auditions! What’s Tantalize? It’s APIIT’s mega-massive talent show! 4 years in the running and it’s only getting better, and this year’s special because…WE’RE HERE.
It’s the lunch break and our ears are being pounded senseless by heavy metal bands tuning their rigs, so let us give you the heads-up on what’s going on here before any more happens.

It is now officially 4 hours 40 minutes into the auditions – break, as we mentioned – and so far we’ve seen a massive  influx of talent from all over Colombo pouring into the Russian Cultural Center determined to capture the limelight. We’ve seen human beatboxes, rappin’ trumpets and everything in between. 

If you’re not here, here’s some photos of what you’ve been missing out on: 


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