TEDxColombo 2018: You really should grab your tickets now


Its tickets sell like hot cakes. Soon enough, they’ll be all sold out. Afterward, the unlucky few would send messages to everyone they know, desperately hoping to get a ticket. Needless to say, this one of the most popular events on our calendar. It reaches over 2000 people in the flesh and many more through livestream pocket events. This is TEDxColombo.

What is TEDxColombo?

In case you’re lost, TED hosts a series of conferences under the motto of “Ideas Worth Spreading”. These conferences feature speakers that address many topics ranging from science, culture, and current issues. The flagship conference takes place annually in Vancouver, Canada. Yet, globally there are TED events organized independently under the TEDx banner. One such event is TEDxColombo.

A recap of TEDxColombo 2017
A recap of TEDxColombo 2017

From its humble origins, TEDxColombo has now become Sri Lanka’s oldest and largest TEDx event. Over the years, we’ve been regular attendees. And we’ve seen a host of speakers that touched on various topics. This year, TEDxColombo will take place on the 28th of October at Nelum Pokuna under the theme, “I, You, We”.

The meaning behind “I, You, We”

According to the organizers of TEDxColombo, the meaning of the theme is, “sparking an actionable understanding of identity and how it can be used as a tool for building empathy, trust, and solidarity within and across cultures. While we imagine individually, it’s time we crafted the ideas born of those musings, communally.”

As such, the speakers this year will touch on an interesting variety of topics. These include the implications of behavior, the psychology of an aesthetic world, the fluidity of how we communicate and the power of storytelling.  Furthermore, among the speakers this year is Yudhanjaya Wijeratne – who was our founding editor.

The speakers of TEDxColombo 2018
Click here to know more about the speakers of TEDxColombo 2018

Ultimately as per the organizers, “TEDxColombo 2018 will explore the calibre of collaborative ‘community’ we wish to create for the future of Sri Lanka through art, entertainment, science, language, and technology. To inspire, to trigger a calling for an entire country to unite through the power of unconventional perspectives and unrelenting passions, and to begin building the future we aspire to live in.”

So you might want to quickly grab your tickets. Half of them are already gone. You can find them on Takas.lk for Rs. 3000. If you want more details regarding TEDxColombo, you can visit their Facebook page. As with every year, we’ll be at TEDxColombo as well. So if you do see us, feel free to scream our names and run towards us.


  1. As the organizers of the event, we would like to remind people not to scream at the ReadMe team and run towards them while the talks are being done on stage as it would be a massive disturbance to the speakers.

    But feel free to do so before and after the event or during the break. You could scream at us also and run towards us to if needed.


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