Televisionary, by 99X: TV Series On Your WP


It’s rare that we feel the need to review a Windows phone app (it’s even rarer to find a good Windows Phone app).

However, not so long ago, 99x Technology came up with an app called Televisionary, a sort of glorified TV guide that focuses on one thing, very successfully: TV series. No, not stuff like Kopi Kadey or the rehashed love triangle of the week that we see on local stations – more like Arrow. Or Game Of Thrones. Interested?

Before we proceed

No, you cannot stream episodes through this app. We’d have loved to see that, but that’s technically illegal, which is why we visit sites like

Seek and ye shall find

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at what Televisionary does. We weren’t joking when we called it a TV guide. That’s exactly what it is.

trending screen

On the first screen, you see a list of trending shows, like so, along with the option to search for TV shows. We’re not entirely sure what database it accesses, but it’s pretty thorough, and stretches past conventional stuff and into anime.

Pulling up an entry shows you data like the next episode, when it’ll air, and on what channel (FOX, CBS and so on), and basic data like a rating and episode. The user interface here looks far from neat, but it’s easy enough to navigate.

Once you’ve found a TV show, you can add that to your favorites.  This forms a favourites list. At the bottom of that, there’s a calendar that you can access. Due episodes will be marked on this.

And that’s the TV guide part of it.

The rest hinges mostly on the screen that comes up when you select a TV show. Swipe to2 access supplementary videos (who wants Family guy extras?) and a shoutbox which sort of serves as a discussion on the series (this depends entirely on how many comments are there) and the seasons of a show. Mark an episode in here as watched and you get a little tick next to it, allowing you to track your progress.

Is it useful?

Not if you’re on a single TV series, don’t have access to American channels, or on anything other than Windows Phone. If you don’t fall into these categories (99% of us do), then you’re probably me.

Nevertheless, while CBS’s showtimes are absolutely useless to me, I’ve taken to using Televisionary to track the multiple anime series that I indulge in, since by default I queue my whole watch list and fire them up on the PC on one specific day rather than hanging around waiting for the TV show.  At this point, the episode summaries in the app come in very useful, so even when I’ve forgotten the episode (Shippuuden much?) I can still find it by browsing the summaries. Televisionary’s not without its faults – exiting the app will sometimes cause your phone to hang for a few seconds, and sometimes it gets stuck – but nevertheless, it’s managed to make Windows Phone a little bit more useful.


  1. So it’s Sidereel but compatible with Window Phone? Is the only noteworthy thing about it the fact that it’s made in Lanka?

    BTW you can set you timezone on Sidereel.


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