The Heat of SLCG Kicks-Off From Matara


The Southern Qualifiers of Sri Lanka Cyber Games ’15 took place at ESOFT Metro Campus, Matara from 7-8th November as a part of the Games Festival organized by Gamer.LK happening from November 27-29th. Yup, the biggest gaming tournament in Sri Lanka is just around the corner!

Image credits: Gamer.LK
Image credits: Gamer.LK

With the desire to bring the feel of eSports to every corner of the country, Gamer.LK took 3 competitive titles to the South of the country and created a gaming environment to give a similar atmosphere as it is in Colombo. The titles were: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, Mortal Kombat X, and FIFA ’15.

Team Gun Republic. Photo credits: Gamer.LK
Team Gun Republic. (Image credits: Gamer.LK)

Call of Duty 4 became the center of attraction even in the Southern corner of the country. Out of ten teams who took part, a team from Tech Morph named Haal and another from Xiphos eSports named Yolo were seen in the draw.

Just as how prominent those teams were with their jerseys, it was no surprise that they met each other in the final as well. Yolo, however, had a tough time against the standalone team, Gun republic who sent them to the loser-bracket during the 3rd round. Meeting once again in the lower bracket final, Yolo was able to get the better of Gun republic in a tight 13-11 score to meet TM | Haal in the final.

TM | Haal (Photo credits: Gamer.LK)
TM | Haal (Image credits: Gamer.LK)

By this point, it was clear that even at a corner of the country, clan rivalries prevail above standalone teams. In the most anticipated match of the Southern Qualifiers, TM | Haal was able to defeat x3 | Yolo to a score of 13-5, reserving their seat at the main event of SLCG ’15.


  • Winner – TM | Haal
  • Runner-up – x3 | Yolo

Mortal Kombat X took place with a draw of 8 Kombatants. While all the names were new to us, their matches proved otherwise.

While all the Kombatants had no aliases assigned to them, they went head on with their real names. The two most prominent names turned out to be Diyon Sachintha and Buddhi Chandrasena who reached the finals.

In a blood-spilling finale, Diyon emerged victorious against Buddhi to face the ultimate challenge at the main event.


  • Winner – Diyon Sachintha
  • Runner-up – Buddhi Chandrasena

FIFA ’15 had a comparatively smaller draw than usual with only 6 participants. Once again, no aliases were seen from the players. The Mortal Kombat winner Diyon didn’t leave FIFA as well. Unfortunately, his glory came to an end at the semifinals by the hands of Sumudhu Dahanayake. However, Diyon was able to win the Bronze match after going to penalties against Pasindu Lakshan.

Having made it to the final, Sumudhu faced off against Chamalka Desha. With a great 3-0 score, Sumudhu became the Southern FIFA 15 champion and got his slot reserved at the main event!

As that, the Sothern Qualifiers ended crowning new champions and reserving the first round of seats of the main event happening on the 29th at BMICH.

Gamer.LK along with the event’s partners was able to bring the feel of proper eSports to another corner of the country successfully.

The heat of SLCG is just getting started. Stay tuned for the latest updates from the Central Qualifiers happening next weekend (14-15 November) at Kandy City Centre.



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