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Wondering what that is? I did the same when I first saw. It’s actually the local version (clone) of the most popular and fairly easy to program microcontroller – Arduino. But If you are not even sure what a microcontroller is, then let me explain.

Microcontroller is a single integrated circuit board that can be programmed to do lot of things. Basically you can make it read information from sensors and use that data to control devices or store/display data.

Here’s a few idea’s which you can do with TechDuino, let’s say you want to monitor your girlfriend’s Facebook status, so you can run to your PC, to have a chat, as soon as she’s online. You can do this by adding an ethernet shield to TechDuino, which lets you connect to internet. And write a small programme that tells the TechDuino aka microcontroller to light up bright when she’s online, dim the light when idle and to off when offline.

You can even use the TechDuino to develop commercial application, for example where garden lights can be auto switched on and off based on the brightness level by adding a photoresistor to the baseboard.

Like Imesh Liyanage mentioned in his post, the applications for this microcontroller is virtually limited only by your imagination. To know about why TechKatha came up with this not-for-profit project and it’s benefits, you can read the following: TechDuino hits stores!



Did I say it’s easy to program a microcontroller?

Yes, you will notice from the above screenshot that it’s structured programming, or in other words, human-readable high level language. And since Arduino is an open source project, you will find plenty of sample projects out there on the net, which you can download and mod it to suit your needs and load it onto the microcontroller. You can also follow the Youtube channel: “Techකතා Microcontroller Programing with Arduino” to learn Arduino programming from square one.

Basically you will be needing a computer running either Windows (XP, 7), Mac OS X or Linux for which the TechDuino USB Module Drives and the Arduino IDE can be downloaded from here and ofcourse a TechDuino™, the locally manufactured microcontroller, which is a affordable clone of the Arduino, which you can be buy at

Once you have written the programme you can load it into the ATmega chip embedded at the heart of the TeckDuino microcontroller using a USB to Serial converter. Interesting isn’t it? let us know what you are planning to build using TechDuino!




    • You can go on with the original Arduino GPS shield which is available through authorised agents of Arduino in Sri Lanka – Aptinex. You can buy that through LankaTronics using following link. .

      You might also like to use a clone GPS shield which is available for less than half the price in the following link. .

      All original Arduinos are made in Italy and come with superior quality. As said before Aptinex (Pvt) Ltd. ( is the local agent of Arduino and you can by almost all original Arduino products through them or their local company LankaTronics.

      You might also like to try the Lakduino UNO Rev3 which is a product manufactured in Sri Lanka. This is a fully compatible Arduino UNO which comes with in-built USB. This is made on a high quality dual layer board with Class A components.

  1. Has anyone done this "example where garden lights can be auto switched on and off based on the brightness level by adding a photoresistor to the baseboard"? Where Can I get the parts?

    • This is very simple to implement. You will need a relay (or Arduino relay module) & an LDR. LDRs can be purchased from electronics shops on 1st Cross Street, Pettah. The relay module is available on ebay.

    • You can get these in Sri Lanka through LankaTronics Trading (Pvt) Ltd. You can buy products online and get them delivered safely to your home as well. See

      The relay modules are available with us in following link. .

      You might also try our high quality cost effective Lakduino UNO Rev3 board ) which comes with built-in USB.

      You may also use the original Arduino products available through our mother company Aptinex ( which is the Arduino authorised agent in Sri Lanka. .

      • Kind a lame marketing! whydo we need to buy things that are imported ?
        when we have things like TechDuino ? even the so called LakDuino is a china made one that you are just branding and you people are trying to imitate the TechDuino witch i find to be really lame.

        • Mr. Roshan,

          // Lakduino made in China and we re-brand it // – false statement. It is our product, we designed it and made it. When you say things without knowing the facts, you are disrespecting the Sri Lankan engineers and technicians who are behind this production including the guys who are doing the hardest part – soldering. I would like to welcome you to our Boralesgamuwa office to show you how these things are going on.

          We were the first to include a PL2303 USB TTL chip to make it cost effective. Lakduino UNO R3 with built-in USB is only one product we manufacture here, we also have many other products in our line up including Sri Lanka's best selling PICKIT2 and PIC development Board. See our products in the following link.

          Since you mentioned the name TechDuino, I'll tell you something. Kalinga is our friend and he first discussed with us to make this product from Aptinex. Our prices were little high for him and then he decided to work on a cost effective solution. He initially bought components from us including the ATmega328 for his experiments. He knows that and he knows we support him at anytime. We have no competition whatsoever with him or with his product as our main aim is to popularise electronics in Sri Lanka and take our name to world.

          Finally, I must tell you that Aptinex, our mother company is the authorised Arduino distributor in Sri Lanka. We have the right to use the logo and sell original products that are made in Italy.

          I thank this website for giving me an opportunity to reply on this false information. Very sorry to hear these but we never discourage ourselves as we are used to it now from this category.

          Kind Regards,



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