thinkCube and Infoshare partner up to develop “RUBIK”, an innovative web UI toolkit


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thinkCube Systems and Infoshare, two leading Information Technology companies in Sri Lanka signed a groundbreaking agreement to jointly develop an innovative, rapid web user interface development toolkit. This toolkit, which will be extensively deployed by the two companies in their software products, solutions and platforms, is expected to greatly assist developers to dramatically optimize the time and resources dedicated to development of software application front ends.

thinkCube, founded in 2006, has been pioneering out of the box solutions to change the landscape of Digital Services and the Cloud. From their inception they have been carrying out ground breaking research in areas which have critical impact in cloud application development, deployment and scalability.

Infoshare, founded in 2004, is a socially-minded technology company that provides technological and programmatic expertise to governments, corporations, civil society organizations, bilateral and multilateral development agencies. It has extensive experience in building enterprise-grade applications using the latest web technologies.

In the past five years, the web has been transformed by content rich apps based on new technologies such as HTML5 and frameworks such as Google’s Angular and Polymer projects, Ember.js, and

Facebook’s React.js. These apps not only now rival the power of desktop apps, but also have the potential to run equally well on mobile devices.

Project RUBIK AKA Rapid/React UI Building Kit is a homegrown, collaborative R&D effort spearheaded by thinkCube and Infoshare, is a plan to introduce what they call a “declarative metaprogramming” approach to web UI creation based on these technologies. Built upon the React JavaScript library, which powers a growing number of web apps including Instagram, WhatsApp Web, and Facebook, RUBIK is essentially a UI program that writes itself, based on a machine readable specification. The application of this project would potentially place both companies ahead of much of the competition in terms of web user interface (UI) technology innovation.

Mithila Mendis, CEO of thinkCube Systems (Pvt) Ltd explained that “We are excited to partner with Infoshare in this ground breaking as well as trend setting exercise and believe that the combined efforts of the two teams will result in a new paradigm in application development”.

Anuruddha Edirisinghe, CEO of Infoshare (Gte) Ltd gave his views stating that “We are tremendously excited to be partnering with thinkcube on this initiative and I cannot think of a better firm to partner with. Quite apart from the incredibly interesting technology we will be working with, what really interests me is the collaborative and sharing aspects of the partnership: both teams will be pooling our resources and building software libraries that we will all find useful and also adds value to our respective businesses”.


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