The mini-warehouse on your back: The Titanite inventory


Amidst, the plethora of cosplayers, action figures, and eSports matches, we found something very curious at Play Expo 2017 last month. What exactly are we referring to? Bags. Now we at ReadMe consider our bags to be a crucial piece of equipment. They need to be strong and carry a lot of weight. So when Titanite bags said they had something called the Titanite Inventory, which was apparently meant for us, we were curious.


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The Titanite Inventory

Titanite Bags is a young startup, which sells a wide range of bags as its name suggests. These bags range from simple school bags to gym bags to everything in between. And it’s one of these bags in between that caught our attention. This was the Titanite Inventory, a bag that’s best described as one to carry a small warehouse.

Week One – Exploring the bag

The first week using the bag was all about getting accustomed to it. The Titanite Inventory features three main compartments. The first compartment is designed to store your laptop, which is easy to miss at first glance. The second compartment is the primary one designed to store everything else. Finally, there’s the third compartment, which is designed for accessories.

If you look inside the primary compartment, you’ll see what sets the Titanite Inventory apart. The zipper for this compartment goes around the entire bag. This makes it easily accessible similar to a briefcase.

Inside the primary compartment of the Titanite Inventory

Once you open it up, on one side you’ll find a pocket for a gaming keyboard or a second laptop. On the other side, you’ll find two smaller pockets to store smaller objects like a wallet. On the sides are two circular pockets, which you can use to store bottles. And near the top is a clip, which you can use to hold your headphones.

Similarly, inside the accessories compartment, there are two additional pockets to stores your accessories. On the outside, you’ll find one smaller compartment on the front. On the back, you’ll find a tiny pocket on the strap for you to put your phone and listen to music. Finally, at the bottom, you’ll find a pocket containing a rain cover. Though this rain cover is easy to miss.

Week Two – Putting it to the test

Once we had found (or so we thought) every pocket in the bag, we started putting it to the test. The pictures below show what we carry in our bags on a daily basis. To date, both of our bags have been able to manage this daily load without any issues.

The load inside the ReadMe Titanite bags
What’s inside our bags. Mine (Top) vs my colleague Mahesh (Bottom)

But this was the same load that our previous bags handled without any issues as well. The only difference was that the Titanite Inventory had a lot more space. So this begged the question: how much can we stuff inside this bag?

By the second week, we found our answer. This was the same week as my graduation. Heading back home from the ceremony and watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I had stuffed my cloak, hat, sash, and blazer inside the primary compartment. This is in addition to what I usually carry in my bag on a daily basis. I now had to put a bit of effort in closing the zipper. When I did and put the bag on my back, it was heavy but it survived this torture unscathed.

The week after, Mahesh had put it to the test in a similar fashion. It was during our office barbeque, which was happening in Ragama. Along with three bottles of coconut wine, Mahesh had added a change of clothes into the primary compartment. This too was again in addition to the daily load he carries because he forgot to take his laptop out the previous night.

Week three – Video shoots and Surprises

By the third week, I was used to the Titanite Inventory and preferred it over my old bag. Around the same time, it had become normal to stuff almost everything into the bag. This was evident whenever we went for a video shoot. Lights, microphones, extension cords, etc. All of it was stuffed inside one of the bags.

By now, we thought we had figured out all there was to the Titanite Inventory. And then we found the compartment with the rain cover. We had missed it previously since it was located at the bottom of the bag. Personally, I was shocked when I found it and found it ridiculous that this one bag had surprises. Yet, at the same time, I couldn’t help but be impressed either.

Week Four – The other side of the Titan coin

By the fourth week, the Titanite Inventory was my daily bag. However, it was around this time its limits became evidently clear. Initially, during the first week, many people that saw the bag thought either the strap would break or the pockets inside would tear. Luckily, the straps survived these past four weeks.

Titanite Inventory phone pocket
The Titanite Inventory phone pocket

However, one of the pockets inside the accessory compartment did not. This was after I put my phone charger and two power banks inside the pocket. Under the weight, the pocket had torn. Despite, the other pockets have been able to withstand similar loads.

Meanwhile, on the outside, the handle of the bag has ripped. Additionally, the pocket on the strap for your phone while handy is fairly small. We conducted two tests on this pocket using a OnePlus One and a OnePlus Two respectively. Both times we were able to put the phone in the pocket, but this was not without a bit of effort.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the Titanite Inventory is an impressive bag. Yes, it has its limitations. But that doesn’t stop it from doing its job, which is to carry everything you need. And with its spacious compartments, it does that really well while giving you a lot of extra space. Furthermore, they recently launched an upgraded version known as the Titanite Armoury which is said to have stronger pockets inside and a redesigned front compartment. Thus, eliminating one of the key limitations of the Inventory.

Typically, you’d expect such bags from Samsonite or Swiss Gear priced close to Rs. 10,000. But the Titanite Inventory and Armoury offer the same features at a much lower price. In other words, this is a bag from a local startup offering the same features typically found in premium bags. This is what makes the Titanites impressive bags.

So if you want to get your hands on a Titanite Inventory or Armoury, head over to Cool Planet where you’ll find it for Rs. 3995. If you want to check out the other Titanite bags keep an eye here and follow their Instagram account.


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