Titantech Appointed As Distributor for Palit Graphics Cards


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Established in 2015, Titantech (Pvt) Ltd is a distribution company that represents Nvidia Quadro, AMD FirePro and Sapphire Radeon graphics cards along with FSP power supply units, Team Group memory products, Raidmax power supplies, cases and coolers, Gigabyte laptops, RLG gaming systems and Blackbox workstations in Sri Lanka.

Recently, the company announced their partnership with Palit Microsystems Inc, the largest graphics card manufacturer in the world, to launch the latter’s full range of graphics cards for the Sri Lankan market. Through the market entry, Palit aims to be the number one brand in Sri Lanka. The company plans to do this via competitive pricing and premium service offered through Titantech.

Established in 1988, Palit Microsystems Ltd. is well known for manufacturing high quality, innovative electronics products. As one of the top PC components manufacturers, Palit has consistently provided graphics cards of very high reliability over the years. They have grown to become the largest graphics card manufacturer in the world. With their main operation in Taipei, logistics center in Hong Kong, factories in Mainland China and branch office in Germany, Palit has developed a worldwide sales network and cooperated closely with its customers. They have built a strong reputation for good and timely after sales support.

Speaking about the partnership Kushan Dodanwala, Director of Titantech (Pvt) Ltd, said “Graphics cards have generally been overpriced in Sri Lanka compared to other components mainly due to the fact that they have a specific purpose and target market. We have worked on the AMD side with Sapphire graphics cards, and we believe it is time to do the same with Nvidia as well. As a premium graphics card brand and the largest graphics card manufacturer in the world, we believe that Palit would be the ideal choice for us to achieve this”.

Palit Microsystems Inc is the largest graphics card manufacturer in the world. Just to give you a background, Palit’s lineup of graphics cards also include brands such as Galax, PNY, KFA2, Gainward, Galaxy, Yuan, Vvikoo, Daytona and XpertVision.

With around one million graphics cards shipped out worldwide every month, Palit Microsystems single handedly outsells their competition and sells more graphics cards than Asus, MSI and Gigabyte combined. Asustek shipped out a total of four hundred thousand cards per month for 2014 with similar results expected for 2015. Gigabyte shipped out three hundred thousand graphics cards followed by MSI shipping out two hundred and forty thousand units in 2014.

Palit’s current lineup of graphics cards covers Nvidia’s entire range of gaming graphics cards including the latest GTX 900 series, featuring the company’s proprietary cooling solutions, JetStream and StormX.

*Titantech plans to expand their dealer network to increase accessibility of Palit graphics cards across Sri Lanka. For further details, you may contact Zaffran Zavahir on 0777809839 or email [email protected]


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