More Titles, Action, and a Lot More Drama – GamerFest ’15


GamerFest, Phoenix GaminG’s annual event gaming event was hosted for the 2nd consecutive year on the 25th of July with the partnership of Edulink International Campus. Rather than span multiple days, GamerFest limited all the action to a single day. Most of the preliminary rounds of multiplayer games were kept either online or LAN earlier to keep only the semi-finals and finals on the main event day itself.

Being a Ranked tournament, it complied with the rules and regulations of Gamer.LK and as such Phoenix GaminG was able to host another tournament with “complete eSports action” including all the titles played in Sri Lanka.

GamerFest hosted 10 competitive titles namely, League of Legends, Call of Duty 4, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Mortal Kombat X, FIFA 15, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, TrackMania Nations Forever, and HALO 4. A special Sony sponsored PlayStation 4 FIFA tournament was also held.

The Venue

The action took stage in multiple rooms across 3 floors. While most people congregated inside the Multiplayer arena, very few considered visiting the HALO arena at the top floor. There was a separate room for DOTA spectators on the 2nd floor. However, a bug in DOTA after that morning’s update prevented the non-players from spectating the games. It not only made the spectator room empty but also forced the spectators to stand behind the players in a very small area.

Some disturbances existed between the DOTA and COD matches as they happened right next to each other. The setup made it inevitable to avoid the clash of cheers.


The early stages of DOTA 2 happened online with a draw of 12 teams.

Apart from the top-dogs, a very solid performance was seen by a mysterious team named “No TideHuner” who managed to defeat both x3 | Team UvZy and PnX|SyFy. After a very intense match, they were eliminated in the lower-bracket by the hands of x3 | iPerfect Redemption lead by AB.

11807285_861831070571555_3558946540816380580_oWhile The Kade and Death Sentence once again made it to the top-bracket final with ease, spectacular performance by Infinity GaminG was seen and they qualified in as the 3rd and last team to face-off in the main event from the lower-bracket. The Kade defeated Death Sentence in the top-bracket final to reserve their slot in the grand finale. Death Sentence met Infinity GaminG in the lower-bracket final and that turned out to be the most intense game of the season. Infinity GaminG was able shutdown Death Sentence for more than half of the game. The cheers were loud enough to get complains by the COD players who were playing their finals. But no one cared, the cheers continued till the point where Infinity GaminG was disintegrated by a very well timed gank by Death Sentence which turned the whole game around. This was a clear moment where experience and individual skills overtook the plays of a major statistical lead. Tensa Zengatsu playing a Naga Siren pressured all the lanes to a point where Infinity GaminG couldn’t step out of their base. More fights took place and Death Sentence got the better of them and made it to the grand finale to face against their most-anticipated rivals, The Kade.

As it was getting late, the organizers decided to make it a best of 3 to prevent the “let’s keep the final at <insert name here>’s café” scenario. Since The Kade was given a winner-bracket advantage in the best of 3, they were one game away from winning. Death Sentence on the other hand however demanded the final to be a best of 5 or a best of 3 without the agreed winner-bracket advantage. The chairman of Phoenix GaminG and the main organizer, Leon did not agree with them. The resulting argument lead to a choice between playing the match or giving a walkover. Death Sentence chose the latter and vacated the venue, giving the victory to The Kade by default.

Winner – PnX|The Kade

Runner-up – TM | Death Sentence

Call of Duty 4

The early rounds of Call of Duty were kept at Fun-net Café with a draw of 17 teams.

11794587_861834340571228_3662172298923754028_oTeams from all the leading clans in Sri Lanka took part. Unlike at Get nAiled, more teams from Maximum eSports competed, most of them in new names. Team Phase from n00b Alliance also took part and once again showed a very dominant performance.

Team Phase again met iPwn from Xiphos eSports in the semi-finals. It was a best of 3 matches. The battlefield was intense, the scores went very close. Yet, iPwn was not strong enough to beat Team Phase who won 2/3 matches to qualify for the final.

From the other side, two teams from Phoenix GaminG namely: Lanka Lions and Inside-Gaming qualified for the semifinals. Taking the better out of Inside-Gaming in every opportunity they got, Lanka Lions defeated the main team of Phoenix GaminG to face Team Phase in the final.

The first match of the best of 3 was easily won by Team Phase. The second match was won by Lanka Lions after giving a great fight. The 3rd and last match did not end in anyone’s favor. It was 12-12, a draw! This forced to another match. From a 4-1 score, Team Phase won against Lanka Lions in a very decisive final.

Winner – nA | Team Phase

Runner-up – PnX|Lanka Lions

League of Legends        

Same as DOTA, the early rounds of League of Legends were held online with a small draw of 9 teams. Majority of the teams were from Phoenix GaminG while a new all-star team named “Team R.E.K.T” took part.

The semi-finals and final took part in a separate LAN at funnet. The two finalists were the all-stars team, Team R.E.K.T and Insomniac Gaming Alliance of Phoenix GaminG. In a grand finale of best of 3 matches, Team R.E.K.T was able to defeat IGA by winning to games in a row.

Winner – Team R.E.K.T

Runner-up – PnX|IGA

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The entire scenario of CSGO happened online. A draw of 5 teams including the reigning champions, Encore from n00b Alliance took place.

The matches were all in a round robin format. The team which tops the table wins. Without losing a single game, Encore once again emerged victorious!

Winner – nA | Encore

Runner-up – PnX|Amigos


11844999_861831570571505_1785047682417030552_oHALO 4 was kept entirely on the event day itself. Unlike the traditional 4v4 structure which requires a lot of resources, GamerFest had a 2v2 unranked tournament. Surprisingly, a lot more experienced and random walk-ins were seen.

Two teams from Phoenix GaminG with experienced players were able to make it to the final. Despite the competitiveness, HALO 4 was doubtlessly one of the most fun things there was at GamerFest.

Winner – PnX|SwagLord69ers

Runner-up – PnX|Godfathers

Mortal Kombat X

11850696_861839007237428_4320526013065833826_oMortal Kombat X attracted a lot of spectators as a lot of rivalries from multiple clans exist. Some of the topnotch players such as DeMoN and Paradoxx from Phoenix GaminG, Stronghold from Xiphos eSports, and kucf from n00b Alliance took part.

The semi finals were between PnX|Paradoxx and nA | kucf and PnX | DeMoN vs x3 Stronghold. Both PnX members were victorious and the finals were a PnX vs PnX grand finale.

Winner – PnX|DeMoN

Runner-up – PnX|Paradoxx



FIFA 15 consisted of the biggest individuals draw of the tournament with a limited draw of 32 participants. Similar to Mortal Kombat, only 3 standalone players were able to reach the quarterfinals of the tournament. However, the rest were all from the FIFA-dominant clan, Phoenix GaminG. Thereon, the rest of the matches were between the members of PnX. And this time, the glory was taken by VeNoM against Cuztom55 in a nail-biting final!

Winner – PnX|VeNoM

Runner-up – PnX|Cuztom55

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken once again took place with the dominating presence of the 9 year-old, PnX|Turbo. Though Tekken was the last to start, the battles were intense.

Even though the draw had 12 participants, not many actually turned up. The final was between Turbo and Striker from Phoenix GaminG. Though Striker’s effort did not slack, it wasn’t enough to get him the win over the mighty small Turbo.

Winner – PnX|Turbo

Runner-up – PnX|Striker

TrackMania Nations Forever

Surprisingly, a lot of newcomers showed up for TrackMania. From them, a draw of 12 participants took place.

11779961_861830763904919_5884252878218117567_oDespite them being first timers, some of them were able to outplay experienced players in matches! The most intense match happened between PnX|CB and the new standalone racer, Rushdi where their final scores ended equally. Due to the round wins, CB barely made it through to face PnX|Binura in the final. Over the action, it was a pretty easy win for Binura again as he won the whole tournament without losing a single round.

Winner – PnX|Binura

Runner-up – PnX|CB

Need For Speed Most Wanted

NFS happened with a draw full of standalone racers. A draw of 13 participants with only 3 from clans took place. However, not even all who registered turned up.

11794205_861830717238257_4297918204023559510_oThe final was a race between PnX|Rider and the standalone Mr.M3. Rider lead the race for several laps but then had a rough concrete kiss, giving the chance for Mr.M3 to take the lead and become the champion!

Winner – Mr.M3

Runner-up – PnX|Rider

GamerFest ’15 concluded with a lot of diverse action and loud drama. Though the environment was comparatively small and less attractive than last year, the main target of “hosting every game played in Sri Lanka” was achieved successfully.



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