Tomorrow, Samsung Reveals Its IOT Game


A new player has joined the IOT buzz. On May 12th (tomorrow), Samsung’s President and Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn will be delivering the keynote speech at the Internet of Things World conference. According to the press release, “he will reveal a major company milestone that will enable the new wave of ground-breaking IOT devices and services.”

Image credits: CNET
Image credits: CNET

There’s no official news yet as to what exactly this milestone will be. However it’s rumored that Sohn is set to unveil Samsungs new IOT chips. The chips (apparently named Artik), come from Samsung’s Menlo Park, California-based Strategy and Innovation Center and will apparently power everything from washing machines to smart watches.

Interestingly, Artik will not be exclusive to Samsung devices. Samsung plans to sell Artik to IOT device manufacturers. Samsung has always been serious when it comes to manufacturing chips: it’s the world’s largest manufacturer of memory and makes the processors for Apple’s iPhone 6 and many other devices. Furthermore, they’re is also investing $14.3 billion building a semiconductor factory. It looks like Artik may not be a tentative feeler, but a fully blown steamroller. 

If all of this is true, then IOT is about to enter a new phase of growth (Intel’s also making moves in this department). However as it stands, we still have no official confirmation whether Samsung actually is launching it’s own IOT chips. All we do know is that Young Sohn’s keynote just got more interesting. No pressure.


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