Tourism 2.0 – and beyond


Good afternoon, everyone. For once, we’re in an event where we can actually say “Good afternoon” and get away with it. It’s 2.30 PM at the Kingsbury, Colombo, and we’re watching- and chronicling- the events unfurling at Enabling Sri Lanka: Tourism 2.0 and beyond.

What is Tourism 2.0, you ask? Well, we would describe it,we’d call it a concept conference crossed with a brainstorm session. The “2.0” comes from the term “Web 2.0”, coined a long time ago to describe the growing wave of new frameworks powering up the Internet. Tourism 2.0, then, seeks to understand how the network and frameworks s that we have in the world today – and the platforms they give rise to – affect the tourism industry, and how these should be leveraged.   




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