TRCSL Speed Measuring Facility becomes an Industry Benchmarking Tool


Allowing subscribers to measure Internet speeds easily, Sri Lankan broadband service providers have hosted the speed measuring facility of TRCSL in their broadband web portals. This is yet another mile-stone in the evolution of broadband services in Sri Lanka where the internet speed measuring facility of the TRCSL becomes an industry benchmarking tool.


In this context TRCSL has recently introduced a unique icon to distinguish National Speed Testing facility of TRCSL which works as a gateway. Not only it makes TRCSL’s facility recognizable, but also it takes the subscriber directly to the facility site where he could conduct a test to access the speeds of his Internet service



Since all service providers are offering a similar service, built on a single reference, now customers can test each operator’s network performance and to compare the same easily. A facility like this would be very useful and helps to minimize frequent speed related disputes arise between subscribers and service providers. Nevertheless, unlike a third party speed testing tool this on-line regulator orientated facility would be a more trustworthily source for service providers and for the subscribers to rely on.


The TRCSL has recently introduced another feature to its facility which can be used for recording and reporting purposes. This option gives a small image with a TRCSL emblem which displays important information such as ISP’s name, IP address, download speed, server location, date and time of the test etc.



Commenting on this Mr. Anusha Palpita, Director General of TRCSL has said:

“This is a significant move from Sri Lankan service providers. This tri-party centric (regulator, subscriber and service provider) mechanism puts all concerning parties to work on a single platform, using a single tool and the reference in matters relating to the quality of service. One of our major obligations is to protect the rights of broadband users to ensure that subscribers are receiving a reliable and speedy broadband service.  I believe that this speed measuring facility would help the role of regulator in the process of realizing these obligations. I’m very pleased to notice this voluntarily action of service providers which reflects their genuine efforts and their readiness to accept the input of broadband subscribers in a transparent manner.

The adoption of “fair broker’s role” by service providers is a good sign and something necessary for the development of industry.  Therefore I thank all service providers for the decision that they have taken for the interest of subscribers which in turn helps providers to access their service levels that are being provided to customers. ”



The TRCSL has developed another tool which intendeds to cater the requirements of regulator and the operator, when testing data services for QoS. This unique tool has been designed to cater the needs of QoS testing and it can be used to test wide array of data services, unattended.

This fully automated-programmable software comes with a feature which can be used to discover the available bandwidth of any data service in addition to the download speed. This feature is unique and it provides information about the total capacity (Bandwidth) which is available for the data transmission.

To simulate the experience of the subscriber, this tool has been designed to run on an operating system.

The TRCSL has issued copies of this software for the use of service providers.  This enables operators to conduct QoS testing on a uniform, agreeable platform jointly with the TRCSL. 



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