TweetupSL 4 around the corner!


It started off as a simple meetup but then, it exploded into a large gathering of over a 100 people. Since that eventful day, it has had the entire Sri Lankan Twitter community burning with excitement for it and now, its back this year for round 4!

For those of you who aren’t on Twitter/ are new to Twitter, a Tweetup is a gathering of tweeps or Twitter users at one location. This feels somewhat different compared to meeting with people from other social networks because on Twitter you don’t have to give any personal information so a Tweetup helps put a face on a twitter handle.

The 1st TweetupSL according to the history books, started off as a simple meetup at Coco Veranda between 3 friends on the 1st of August in 2010, @udaraumd, @rebelinpurple and @moshanthi. After @mack005 joined in and made an open request for others to join and @sarathsc volunteered to use Coco Veranda as the official venue, on the 26th of August this small meetup officially became the TweetupSL we know today.


Last year we had Tweetup SL 3 which brought 650 tweeps together enjoying an awesome time together with games and giveaways at the The Warehouse Project, with Dialog giving away a nice T-shirt and Coco Veranda providing tasty treats. Oh yes let’s not forget Elephant House that provided drinks and all that ice cream! *Brain freeze*


So what can we expect at Tweetup SL 4 this year? Well an even bigger crowd than last year, with the hype around this and the success of the last 3 Tweetup’s it is expected to attract over 1000 participants, so we can also expect it to take place at some place even bigger.

As for sponsors, at the time of writing we aren’t certain because TweetupSL 4 is still in the planning process, though we can expect Coco Veranda which has been together with TweetupSL since it’s humble beginnings and of course Dialog, we are looking forward to getting some nice  T-shirts.


We are guessing by now you’re wondering “So when is TweetupSL 4?!!??!” Well as mentioned before, its still in the planning stages, so there’s a poll with two possible dates you can vote for at the moment: September 7th and September 14th. (dates updated below)

So what are you waiting for tweeps? Mark your calendars and head over to the poll now! For the latest news on Tweetup SL 4 you can follow the official TweetupSL twitter account here, or you could follow us to give you the news in style.


[box_light]Update: #TweetupSL4 is scheduled to throw fireworks on 7th of December, 2013 @ Mercantile Cricket Association Colombo! Embrace for impact all you beautiful tweeple from the neighbourhood! :-)[/box_light]





  1. Dear ReadMe, you forgot to mention Sarath Sathiamoorthy also known as @sarathsc who was also important in founding the first Tweetup. Kindly mention him in your article. Thanks.

  2. […] For those of you who aren’t on Twitter/ are new to Twitter, a Tweetup is an informal gathering of tweeps or Twitter users at one location. Since you don’t have to give any personal information on Twitter, a Tweetup helps #putaface on a twitter handle. Now TweetupSL is the biggest one for Sri Lanka tweeps and has a long but interesting backstory to it (which we wrote last year). […]


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