What we saw at #TweetupSL 6


Once small and a niche event, #TweetupSL has grown into one of the most anticipated social events on the calendar in Sri Lanka. If you’re a Local Twitter User, you must’ve encountered so many tweets regarding the event. Over the years, it has become a major buzz in the Twittersphere of Sri Lanka. Here’s what we saw at its latest iteration: #TweetupSL 6.

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#TweetupSL’s origins run back to 2010, where a bunch Twitter users wanted to meet each other in person. The first ever meetup happening in 2010 at Coco Veranda. From these humble origins, #TweetupSL has blown up to be the Social Phenomena we all love and wait for each year. The idea behind the event is simple. To put a face to the people we interact on Twitter, thus bringing the online relationships to a new level.

#TweetupSL 6
Photo Credits: Muaadh Nalir (@iammuaadh)

The Sri Lankan Twitter Community has grown into a such a vast and vibrant network. It is where people (Tweeps, as they’re known in the Network) share their ideas, opinions on a whole new and different platform. Twitter allows its users to be updated with the content on their timelines which keeps the Local Twittersphere buzzing always. Amidst all the Tweeps, the Celebrities, News Personnel and other Social Figures directly getting involved with the public, certainly, adds a new hue to the spectrum that is Social Media.

What happened this time around?

The 6th Edition of #TweetupSL was held after a long hiatus, at Trace Expert City, Maradana. With around 400 Tweeps joining the event this time around, it was filled with a lot of mini events, games, and giveaways. The usual sights that we’ve seen at previous #TweetupSL’s. However, there was a twist to all this at #TweetupSL 6.

The earnings from #TweetupSL 6 are going towards Social Good Projects which are initiated by the tweeps. The Tweeps wanted to have fun but also help the community. With that in mind, the doors opened around 1.30PM. Tweeps dressed in the Official #TweetupSL T-shirt, mingling with their now “Offline” friends were a sight to behold.

Tweeps Registering for #TweetupSL 6
Tweeps Registering for #TweetupSL 6

The event started off with a Username Badge Mixing Game.  This acted as an Ice-Breaker for the Tweeps who would put their Username Written Tag in a box. Then they randomly started picking a tag belonging to someone else. The goal of the game was for to find the person with your badge and find the person whose badge you had in your hand.

Crowd at #TweetupSL
Crowd at #TweetupSL

Amongst the various giveaways to many tweeps, there were a couple of items which really stood out. A short interview with the Radio Personality, Singer and an avid Twitter User Asanka Sahabandu (@asankasahabandu) brought out the Social Responsibility that each and every one of us holds while posting content on Social Media.

The event was also made even colorful by the performances of Kasun Gunasekara (@KaluMallii) and Daria Tokolova (@DariaTokolova). Kasun, a popular YouTuber and Tweep gave a performance of singing. Meanwhile, Daria who was a pianist from Europe gave a scintillating performance of her Piano Skills.

Daria Tokolova performing at #TweetupSL 6
Daria Tokolova (@DariaTokolova) performing at #TweetupSL 6

#TweetupSL 6 also gave out some specific Awards to Recognize the Tweeps who enrich everyone’s Twitter experience every day. Every year, the Twitter Community itself will nominate and select the winners per each event. This awards ceremony is one of the most awaited moments at any #TweetupSL.

What are the Awards at #TweetupSL 6?

The below are a list of awards that were given out at the event.

So what else?

#TweetupSL 6 concluded with a common trend these days, a Mannequin Challenge and the dance floor opening up for the Tweeps. Intrigued by all these?

If you are intriguied then head on over to www.twitter.com and sign yourself up and join the awesomeness that is the Sri Lankan Twitter Community. #TweetupSL is accessible through their handle @TweetupSL and their website www.tweetupsl.org.


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