Twitter launches 360-degree video streaming on Periscope


360-degree videos seem to be fast becoming the norm as we end 2016. Adding to that list is Twitter. That’s right. After a small update, Twitter will bring live 360-degree video streams to Periscope.

Twitter users will now be able to view 360-degree live streaming videos directly from the app or from the website, all thanks to Periscope.

Nicely done, Periscope. But, there’s a catch!

Everyone can watch 360-degree videos, but not everyone can stream 360-degree videos. According to officials, Periscope is currently testing the 360-degree streams with a selected group of partners. Whilst an ETA for the rollout is yet to be given, it seems highly probable that the broadcasting feature will be available to the general public within the coming months, perhaps even sooner.

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All Twitter or Periscope live videos with 360-degree support will receive a special badge. This would enable users to quickly locate the videos when they are being broadcasted. Once located, the entire video can be viewed by moving your smartphone around (just as you would with a Facebook 360-degree image) or by simply tapping and swiping on the clip itself to get the full 360-degree effect.

The video quality is not exactly crystal clear hi-def. but given that most 360-degree video streams aren’t exactly 4k or 1080p streams, this new feature does seem to get the job done.

The launch comes right on the heels of Facebook’s testing of 360-degree broadcasts on Facebook Live. Twitter and Periscope have come under a lot of pressure from Facebook Live as publishers switch over to Facebook’s platform in search of more viewers.

With regards to the competition, Twitter seems to be ahead of Facebook in terms of 360-degree videos. Facebook currently has plans to launch to some partners within the coming months but since it’s still in the experimental phase, it will pretty much make Periscope the dominant app in the meantime.

Twitter also updated both their iOS and Android app so users could launch a live video without having to download the separate Periscope App. Comparatively, Periscope appears to be getting a lot more attention than their Vine app which also coincidentally will be renamed “Vine Camera” from January 2017.


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