Twitter Wants To Make Tweeting Images Easier


Apps copying features from one another has been going on for a while now. For example, almost every social media platform that we use has its own version of “stories”. Single images or small video clips that we can upload that show snippets from our lives to our followers for 24 hours.

The process is usually simple. You just open the app (Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp), snap a pic and then its added to your story. Twitter, on the other hand has been a tad slow in this process. If you have noticed, just for a simple tweet, you’re required to open the app, click the “Compose” button and then the camera button to capture an image to add to your tweet.

Image Credits: MarketWatch

Now it appears that the process may be made simpler. According to a post by Bloomberg, Twitter is working on a feature that looks a lot like how Snapchat’s design works for capturing pictures. As per Bloomberg’s report, the new and somewhat improved design of Twitter’s mobile app would do away with the above mentioned steps.

This means that Twitter users can simple point, click and add images to their tweets without hassle. The social media platform hopes that the move will increase engagement and that users who want to post images and videos will be more encouraged to do so.


Twitter’s other efforts

Twitter’s other efforts to entice users to use the platform was to increase the character limit for Tweets. Once limited to 140 characters, Twitter doubled this limit to 280 characters, allowing people to add more text to their tweets. They also began charging users for premium features back in March 2017.

Twitter character limit
Twitter increased the limit of characters for a tweet from 140 to 280 (Image Credits: The Verge)

Why is Twitter doing this?

Well, if you have noticed, Twitter is losing its user-base. They are also losing profits. So the new steps to improve the way users tweet could very well be a part of their plan to make Twitter great again, bringing their user-base and profits back up. In October 2017, they apparently announced that they had miscounted the number of users and also reported having relatively flat growth.

The third quarter of 2017 apparently changed all that when Twitter reported that they were nearing profitability, and also reaching their target of audience growth.


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