Uber Faces Shutdown In India, Starts Hiring in SL


Despite few people having actually used it, almost everyone in Sri Lanka has heard of Uber. The app-based taxi service has had its fair share of controversy, from protests to legal action to actual arrests, mostly because it functions like an illegal taxi service. In fact, it’s attracted the ire of India’s tax authorities as well, which may result in Uber being kicked off Indian streets for good.


However, that hasn’t stopped the nonetheless thriving Uber from expanding into Sri Lanka. According to a post spotted on Roar.lk, Uber has opened up spots for Colombo-based positions. While we don’t quite share Roar’s unbridled enthusiasm for the service, it’ll be interesting to see how Uber works out here, given that our market is a lot less regulated, smartphone penetration is on the rise and hiring a fairly decent-looking vehicle would actually be a good option to have at your disposal.



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