Things With Uber Are Heating Up, Literally


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Uber. Well here we go again. The controversial ride sharing startup has been catching a lot of media interest lately. OK so maybe “a lot” is an understatement. Now it seems to be reaching new heights. The location: France, where approximately 2,800 taxi drivers are protesting against UberPOP. Think of UberPOP as the European equivalent of Uber for the U.S.

UberPOP allows virtually anyone to become an Uber driver (No it’s not like Uber awesome). Here lies the problem; taxi drivers are in somewhat of a flurry as they see UberPOP as unfair competition, although the drivers need to obtain a special license. This does not however, explain why cabbies are now attacking Uber drivers. Attacking again is an understatement as drivers have resorted to burning and breaking their cars.

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Within the short space of time, police have already arrested one taxi driver and one Uber driver. The cabbie charged with throwing projectiles directed toward the police, whilst the Uber driver was attacking another cabbie.

This is not the only protest though. There are a number of others happening in Nice, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon and Lille. It’s literally the biggest protest thus far with regards to a service such as UberPOP which has also been expanding to new French cities.

Despite attempts to ban UberPOP, you can still easily place an order via the company’s app. Even though the police issue fines in Paris, Uber still pays when an Uber driver gets pulled over.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has since then issued a statement, condoning the use of UberPOP but also stated that only a court order can make the Uber app illegal in France.



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