The New Uber App Looks Pretty Amazing


Uber just had a major update to its user interface since 2012. The new update, available for users, has give a new look to Uber’s interface to offer a cleaner and easier to use interface whilst also maintaining the speed and efficiency that we have all become used to and in fact love.

The new interface has done away with the “Pickup Location” and “Destination” fields and has instead replaced it with a single field that says “Where to?”. A simple question that is, after all, the obvious reason that one would use Uber: to get somewhere, or to someone.

The new interface has done away with the “Pickup Location” and “Destination” fields and has instead replaced it with a single “Where to?” Field
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In the previous version, users had to choose from a pool of options that varied by city. The new update gives you 3 categories: Economy (UberPool and UberX), Premium (Uber Select and town cars), Extra Seats (extra-large cars and SUVs), and More (for those who need a child’s car seat or a wheelchair-accessible vehicle).

You can also compare the cost of these options with upfront fares, so the rider can make an informed choice. Headed for a party? No problem. Just select an Uber X and you’re good to go.

In addition, Uber is also adding arrival times to all its options as well. Select Economy, and then UberPool (not yet available in Sri Lanka), and the app will give you details such as predicting the time of your arrival, a range for Pool rides, and a more specific time for solo trips. Once your destination has been added, the app will calculate the cost of your trip even before it has begun. Surge pricing will be displayed as a fine print stating that “fares are higher than normal”.

The app also has a shortcuts feature that learns from riders’ routines. Thus, frequent riders will see shortcuts that predict where one could be headed. This means riders can get moving with just one tap.

 Got a busy schedule ahead? With Calendar integration, users can connect their calendar with Uber. Once that is done, the user’s meetings and appointments will automatically appear as “shortcuts,” saving them the hassle of digging through another app to find the right address.

People Search: Figuring out exactly where your friends are at times involves a lot of texting. With the new people search, you can simple set your destination to a person rather than a place. Just sync your contacts to the app, type their name into the search bar and once they’ve shared their location, you can get going. On the other hand, this could be taken as an invasion of privacy as Uber would have full access to your contacts.

That’s not all. Once you’ve started your ride, you have access to a feature called Uber feed. From here, you can see Yelp reviews for the restaurant you’re headed to, UberEats so you can order takeout on your way home, Pandora radio stations, and even an Uber Snapchat filter that shows your ETA.

It does seem like Uber has put a lot of care and consideration onto the developments of the app. The update should be rolling out to iOS and Android over the coming weeks. You can also head over to Uber’s newsroom to check out more details on Uber.


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