Uber, Microsoft And AOL: Map Wars And Advertsing Wars


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Uber is really making headlines. They have recently got their hands on a piece of technology that powers Bing Maps, along with a number of Microsoft employees. Think of it as part of the companies attempt to build up its own mapping tech.

Image taken from http://www.theverge.com
Image taken from http://www.theverge.com

As part of the deal around 100 Microsoft employees will join Uber. The deal looks like it focuses mainly on Bing Maps’ imagery acquisition division, used by a number of satellites and Street View-style pictures within the Maps infrastructure itself. A Microsoft spokesperson was quoted saying that the company had made the decision to shift its imagery acquisition operations as part of a broader effort in which the company could focus efforts around their core business strategy.

As Uber expands, a vital part of the company’s lifeblood will be building out its own maps. They currently rely on Google, Apple and Baidu, but the company has been trying to develop its own mapping team recently. According to reports, Uber was among several companies that placed bids on Nokia’s HERE maps platform. In addition, they have also hired former head of Google Maps earlier this month.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft also announced that the will now power AOL’s search, and will also give portion of its advertising to both AOL and AppNexus, another company dealing with real-time online advertising based in New York. The tie-up with AppNexus would make Bing the proprietary programmatic technology and sales partner in ten of AppNexus’s European markets.

Image taken from https://www.flipboard.com
Image taken from https://www.flipboard.com

This in turn shows that Microsoft is putting considerable effort towards growing programmatic access to advertisers in its European markets. In addition, it also noted that more than 50 percent of business in its Nordic countries has turned programmatic, thus allowing one small leap for man and one large step for Microsoft.


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