With UberTUK, You can now Book a Tuk with Uber


They’ve launched intercity packages and smaller, cheaper ways to use Uber. Now almost 3 years since the officially began operations in Sri Lanka, Uber has finally heard the voice of the people and launched UberTUK. As per a blog post on Uber’s official website, UberTUK is live and operational.

How does one book an UberTUK?


Booking an UberTUK is really straightforward. The price comparison between UberZip and UberTUK is visible as well

Well, you book one as you would usually book an Uber. Just open the Uber app on your Android or iOS device and choose your dropoff location. If you have updated the Uber app, you should see the uberTUK option. Select it, confirm it and you’re good to go (literally).

How cheap is UberTUK?

As per the time of publishing, there are no details about the pricing of UberTUK such as the per KM rates or the per minute wait time. However, for starters, the service is available, which means that there are already Tuks that have signed up for the service.

Comparing prices between UberTUK and PickMe to get to the Nawala Urban Wetland Park

In terms of pricing, we compared UberTUK against PickMe to see the price difference. Prices are almost similar to PickMe which makes us assume that both companies are using a similar per KM rate as well. If you’re short on cash or you don’t have your wallet with you, you can still choose to pay with your credit/debit card as well.

Is UberTUK worth it?

Well, that is entirely up to you. For me, personally, I like the fact that Uber finally listened to Sri Lankan citizens and decided to add Tuks to the category. It’s also helpful for me because in the event I don’t have cash with me, I can always use my debit card.

PickMe for some reason doesn’t accept my Debit card so I find myself on the lookout for an ATM to withdraw cash. But since my card works with Uber, and if it ends up being cheaper, I actually might find myself using Uber’s new Tuk service more than other services.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how Tuk drivers handle UberTUK. If you travel in Colombo by Tuk, you’re bound to see that they are all Metered and they also have subscribed to other services as well. So would they actually switch off handling one service to switch to UberTUK? Well, that remains to be seen.

How Uber handles surge pricing with UberTUK remains to be seen. If you recall, Uber is notorious for ramping up the travel charges in the event of a shortage of vehicles or during rainy weather.


It should also be noted that the final rates of these taxi services might vary depending on factors such as traffic and alternate routes. I guess we’ll know in the coming days if UberTUK can actually win over the market for.

In the end, it’s nice to see that Uber has taken steps to cater to those who want to travel by Tuk as well. The question is if they were too late to do so.


  1. This is what I was looking for over the years. Finally uber has taken a great decision by establishing TUK services to it’s customers. I hope uber can attract more new customers and retain their existing customer’s. I usually travel by tuks because it’s much more easier and cost effective. I wish good luck to all the uber employees.


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