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It’s been 1 month and 12 days since Uber made their surprise launch in Colombo. Thus far, their only offering has been the UberX cab services. Today, they’re taking things to the next level. Uber has just announced that their uberCHOPPER helicopter rides are now in Colombo.

Uber chopper
The Uber Colombo team. From Left to Right: Varun Mundkur, Nuzreth Jalaldeen, Kartik Balachandran. (Photo credits: Uber)

Yes, you read that right folks. Uber has partnered up with Simplify so that you can now get a birds-eye tour of Colombo in a helicopter. So how can you get a mythical uberCHOPPER? You will need to go on a quest to take 2 Uber rides in Colombo between Saturday, December 5, 2015, 12:01 am and Saturday, December 12, 2015, 11:59 pm. Once you have completed this quest you will have unlocked the uberCHOPPER option on your Uber app.

This isn’t the 1st time Uber has offered helicopter rides. Uber has previously implemented uberCHOPPER in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Cape Town. The implementation has varied slightly across the cities, but there’s one thing they all have in common: the rides don’t come cheap. In Los Angeles, an uberCHOPPER ride was priced at $1500. In Hong Kong, the uberCHOPPER rides would have set you back by HK$1800. In Cape Town, the price of the cheapest uberCHOPPER tour was set at R1800. In Mumbai, the uberCHOPPERS were priced at INR. 4999.

Convert those prices to Sri Lanka rupees with the currency rate at the time of writing, an uberCHOPPER ride would cost:

  • Rs.207,412.50 in Los Angeles
  • Rs.32,115.32 in Hong Kong
  • Rs.17,294.65 in Cape Town
  • Rs.10,337.57 in Mumbai

Despite the varying prices, none of those look cheap. But it does look like Uber is localizing it’s prices. So what about Colombo? Currently, Uber has yet to reveal the pricing and exact implementation of uberCHOPPER in Colombo. We have reached out to Uber, we’ll update this story once they’ve revealed the details on implementing uberCHOPPER in Colombo.

Update 1

Uber has replied to a few of our queries, clearing up some confusion about the uberCHOPPER’s. If you take 2 Uber rides in the given timeframe mentioned above, then you are eligible for an uberCHOPPER ride. It’s important to note that because the uberCHOPPER’s themselves won’t be operational next week.

The uberCHOPPER’s will be operational for one undisclosed date later. Once they are operational, you’ll get a Uber cab that’ll take you to an undisclosed location where the helicopter is. After you get in the helicopter you get a tour of the city, touchdown and get another Uber cab to take you to your final destination. While we now have a better idea as to how exactly uberCHOPPER’s will work in Colombo, Uber has yet to reveal the price.


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