Unsurprisingly, Samsung Is The Largest Seller Of Q1 2015; Apple Second; Huawei Third


We were pretty impressed the Samsung’s S6 Edge, and it looks like the world concurs: despite a 9.2% drop in smartphone sales versus Q4 2014, this first quarter of 2015 has seen some 291.2 million smartphones shipped out. 27.8% of that is from Samsung; Apple, with 19.9%, is second, and Huawei, the Chinese phone giant, is at third place some way back (7%).

Interestingly, these don’t include the sales figures for Samsung’s new flagships: the report acknowledges that the S6 and the S6 Edge have “captured consumer’s attention” and predicts that Samsung will ship around 20 million of these come Q2 2015.

s6 edge

It’s a good turn of events for Samsung: it’s one company that’s been lambasted over and over again for their design – despite putting out feature-rich and very user-friendly phones, their design sense stagnated after the S3. The S6 Edge, a phone Samsung intended largely as a unusual companion model to the S6, proved to be incredibly gorgeous, enough to be a very effective seller. Reports indicate that despite an $100 premium, Samsung is selling as many Edges as they are selling S6s.

Apple has remained strong, and trends indicate this is largely due to high demand to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from China. Huawei’s Ascend Mate 7 (which we reviewed) seems to have bought the Chinese firm newfound international popularity; we suspect this is also because of their Honor variants, which effectively compete in markets inaccessible to the likes of the Moto G or Redmi phones. LG jumped to fourth place, with 6.2% largely pushed towards Europe and the US. Lenovo grabbed 6.0%, with everyone else accounting for 33% of global smartphone shipments.


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