Venture Frontier Lanka is Having A Startup Boot Camp


If you recall, almost exactly a month ago, we wrote about a long-term incubator for startups called Venture Frontier Lanka. Describing itself as a first entrepreneurship platform to focus on the complete startup lifecycle, Venture Frontier Lanka is a 4-year nationwide entrepreneurship initiative. They would work with the Government, the private sector as well as International donors to help entrepreneurs accelerate their startups.

Venture Frontier Lanka Startup Boot Camp
Ovidiu Bujorean – CEO of Venture Frontier Lanka

Currently, Venture Frontier Lanka has shown interest in 5 sectors within Sri Lanka’s ecosystem. They are tourism & leisure, agriculture, ICT, education, and healthcare.

Kicking things off with a Startup Boot Camp

Following the launch of Venture Frontier Lanka, Ovibee Ventures announced the opening of registrations for its first edition of Startup Boot Camps. The boot camps will take place in Colombo on 2nd – 3rd of May and 5th – 6th May in Jaffna. Additionally, the 3rd and 6th of May will be the Open Demo days of the boot camps. So if you’re interested, you’re welcome to drop in on these days and see what the startups are doing.

Venture Frontier Lanka Startup Boot Camp
Some of the speakers who will participate in the Startup Boot Camps (Image Credits: Venture Frontier Lanka)

Furthermore, these startup boot camps will also have regional and international experts. They will conduct a series of interactive sessions on ideation, business models, and startup leadership best practices. The aim of these sessions is to encourage entrepreneurs to think differently. Each boot camp will consist of

The startups you can expect

As of writing, the startups that you can expect at these boot camps have already been selected. These startups will be quite young being less than three years old. But despite their youth, we can likely expect varying levels of experience. This is because these startups will either be in the idea stage or already making money. And while Venture Frontier Lanka is primarily looking at for-profit ventures, it’s also invited socially motivated for-profit ventures as well.

We will keep you informed on what startups were selected and how they fare in the startup boot camps. We also wish good luck to all the startups who were selected. May the odds be ever in their favor. You can learn more about Venture Frontier Lanka by clicking here and here.


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