Virtusa Crowned Winner at Mercantile eSports Championship


The face-off of corporates, Mercantile eSports Championship 2017 organized by Gamer.LK happened on the 15th And 16th of July at Trace Expert City. By taking the grand step of opening doors to all corporates in Sri Lanka, this year’s Mercantile eSports championship attracted the participation of over 60 well-known companies from various industries. Across the two days of endless action, the event paved the ground to settle rivalries, gain glory, and most importantly, have fun.

Mercantile eSports Championship
Image Credits: Gamer.LK

Call of Duty 4 once again took the prominence of the event with the biggest draw consisting of 33 participating teams. These teams represented top corporates such as Virtusa, MIT, Cambio, Sysco LABS (formerly Cake Labs), Dialog, and MAS. Compared to last year’s Mercantile eSports championship, an increased number of teams representing each corporate was seen. They were seen to be named as “Team A”, “Team B”, and “Team C” as well.

From all the contenders, it was Virtusa and Dialog who managed to make their way through to the final. Defending the title for Champion of Call of Duty 4, Virtusa’s Team Huskies battled against Dialog’s Team Oxygen. In a cheerful finale, Virtusa’s Huskies got the better of Oxygen to beat them to a 13-5 score, becoming the champions for a second consecutive year.

Mercantile eSports Championship
Image Credits: Gamer.LK

In a similar fashion to Call of Duty, Virtusa managed to make its way towards the final of Counter-Strike GO as well. In a small draw of 7 teams, Virtusa secured the second FPS title as well, defeating CodeGen’s Team CodeGen. Virtusa also secured their spot with DOTA 2 as well by defeating London Stock Exchange Group (formerly played as MillenniumIT).

Single player titles such as Overwatch and League of Legends however attracted other corporates than the big names. Though the draws weren’t that big, the matches made sure to be as exciting as it is meant to be.

At the end of the two days, the following corporates managed to steal the spotlight by winning the respective titles.

Results of Mercantile eSports Championship 2017

Call of Duty 4

  • Winner – Virtusa Huskies
  • Runner-up – Dialog Axiata Oxygen

Counter-Strike GO

  • Winner – Virtusa V
  • Runner-up – CodeGen Team Codegen


  • Winner – Virtusa Team Virtusa
  • Runner-up – LSEG Team LESG Sri Lanka

League of Legends

  • Winner – HOUZNET Lankan Ping Best
  • Runner-up – Pearson Legions Feeders


  • Winner – Redline RLG
  • Runner-up – Zone24x7 Overzone


  • Winner – Afdhal Muvafik from Sri Lankan Airlines
  • Runner-up Sadir Omer from SLTS

Project Cars

  • Winner – Dimal Fernando from Victory Information
  • Runner-up – Binura de Zoysa from ReadMe

Mortal Kombat XL

  • Winner – Dulaj Gunawardene from DGES
  • Runner-up – Azeem Ahamed Ameer from LSEG Sri Lanka

By winning three major titles, Virtusa once again managed to win the overall Mercantile Championship for a second consecutive Other corporates such as LSEG, Dialog Axiata, and CodeGen also gave a very solid fight to be prominent in the event as well. While we were at it, ReadMe managed to secure a medal as well.

Mercantile eSports Championship
Image Credits: Gamer.LK

That that, another edition of Gamer.LK’s Mercantile eSports Championship concluded successfully. Stay tuned with us to and await the school level championship coming up next, very soon.


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