A Visit To Dynamic AV’s Experience Center


We were at Dynamic AV’s brand new store; not a store per se, but rather what they like to call an “Experience Center” last week and it was indeed an interesting experience. We had a chat with Mohan Abeyasinghe who is the Managing Director of Dynamic AV. He has been involved in the Professional Audio Visual business since 1996. It all began 7 years ago with the inception of Dynamic AV.

“We have Competitors. But we believe we are Different…”


Straight off the bat Mohan admits that they have a stiff competition, but he goes on to say that unlike their competitors, they are good at what they do and as such caters to all walks of people from high end studio equipment to the affordable price range and everything in between.

The Experience Center is well, to put it simply, a state of the art showroom. Comprising of two floors, from a tech point of view, their idea is to have a room where a customer can actually interact with the products. Thank you Mr. Shamin De Silva, for taking us on the store tour.

Floor Number One: Where most of us can fit in

This floor is aimed at the general consumers where they can try out equipment that’s not too hard on the wallet, yet also delivers a solid performance.

Images taken from https://www.facebook.com
Images taken from https://www.facebook.com

They are not “low end” devices but rather they are just affordable for ye average user. But don’t be fooled. Despite this, Dynamic AV are the Sole Agents for many top grade brands like Sennheiser, Behringer, DAS, Allen & Heath and TOA.

Image taken from https://www.facebook.com
Image taken from https://www.facebook.com

Headphones, Mics, Audio Mixers, Amplifiers, MIDI Keyboards, Speakers, Public Address Systems, Multimedia Projectors and Cabling, basically everything except the kitchen sink (to be installed) is nicely placed on shelves with accompanying brochures and and stands is what you basically see around this floor.

Floor Number Two: On To the Good Stuff

Now this is where things get really interesting. Let’s just say it’s a whole new level (not just because it’s at a higher elevation).

Image taken from https://www.facebook.com
Image taken from https://www.facebook.com

Think if it as the heaven for audio engineers. Yes, this floor is fully dedicated to Professional gear. Any Audio Engineers? This is your cave! The first thing you notice as you enter the room is the set of drums.

According to Shamin, this room will be soundproofed so that an actual band can have live performances. In addition, there are a number of audio setups by brands such as QSC and DAS.

Can we visit the store now?

Yes and No. You can buy anything from them at the moment; they do have stock but as they told us, it would be most probably the end of this month to add the finishing touches.

Mr. Mohan Abeyasinghe, the Managing Director of Dynamic AV explained us who they are. Their biggest contribution though is not audio and video equipment, but rather projects. Arcade independence Square Cinema, Mercedes Showroom, Regal Cinema, Sri Lanka Customs PA system and even the Audio Visual systems at Presidential Secretariat were all projects undertaken and completed by them. But that’s not all, oh not by a long shot. They even cater hotel industry such as Jetwing Hotels, Cinnamon Red, OZO and a number of elite Clubs in Colombo. They have also done projects for 45 churches and places of worship.

Apart from sales they do rent equipment. According to Mr. Abeyasinghe, every project they do involve the contribution of Professionals like Audio Engineers and Musicians. Apart from providing sound, they also aspire to inspire and teach musicians how to have good music and to tweak settings in order to achieve the best performance for your soundstage. They even offer installment plans, Tutorials and 24/7 support for up and coming musicians.

“It is not only the Product. How do you sell to music people if you aren’t a musician?”

Final Thoughts

If you are an Audiophile, then this is one place that should be on your go-to list. Their customer service is excellent as each member of the team hails from a musical background and they got answers to all your questions. If you want to sample any of the goodies (especially the headphones) you can do so as they have sample products on display for you to indulge yourself in

If you wish to know more about them or see their products, you can check out their Facebook page here.



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