The Volterman Is The Wallet You Need In Your Life


A while back, we wrote about the Fuze smart card. This card is able to save details of upto 30 individual credit/debit cards. This means you would probably save a lot of room in your wallet. Speaking of wallets, we all know that a wallet is not exactly a compact storage method, given the fact that it has to hold currency, identification cards, and credit cards. But, what if your wallet was actually had 512MB of RAM, a built-in camera, and also worked as a Wi-Fi hotspot?

Meet Volterman

Apart from sounding like a superhero, Volterman is a new smart wallet project on Indiegogo. In addition to acting as an average wallet, it also packs a bunch of really cool features found in most smartphones nowadays (and a few from older smartphones as well). Some of these features include the ability to charge your phone, and also to pair it via Bluetooth to act as an alarm in case you forget your phone or use your phone as an alarm if you forget your wallet. That’s not all though. The Volterman also has inbuilt GPS and 3G connectivity to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot and even has RFID protection.

But wait, there’s more

If your phone has NFC and wireless charging, the wallet can charge your phone, even be charged wirelessly via a leather charging pad which can be purchased separately. However, if your phone doesn’t support wireless charging, there are cables available as well. To cap it all off, the Volterman also has a built-in camera. So if you lose your wallet, it will go into a “Lost mode” and take a picture of anybody who opens up the wallet. If you’re uncomfortable with this, fret not as this feature is optional.

VoltermanThe Volterman will be available in three cardholders, bifold, and travel sizes. In terms of battery, you have options ranging from 2,000mAh to 5,000mAh. Although a release date of December has been given on the site, it’s a bit skeptical to think it will launch during that time. According to the specs of the Volterman, it supports Bluetooth 5.0, which is only available with a select few flagship devices such as the Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5.

In all honesty though, this seems like a pretty good concept. A bit expensive, but think about it. If you invest in a Volterman and a Fuze Card, you essentially do away with all those cards and currency you carry around. Say your phone is low on battery, all you need to do is to hook it up to your wallet to charge it. If I had the cash to splash, I would definitely get a Volterman and maybe a Fuze card as well. If you’re interested in getting a Volterman, the early-bird price on the cardholder model is $98.



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