With WEB4U, SLT aims to make website creation easier


From an eSports championship to a taxi-hailing service, SLT (Sri Lanka Telecom) has been testing the water in a number of different fields. The latest one is website creation. An initiative by SLT Digital Info Services, WEB4U is an online platform offering webpage and website setup at a price point that is affordable for SMEs on a tight budget.

How does WEB4U work?

For starters, those interested are offered free trials and a number of webpage and website packages to choose from. The packages themselves start off at Rs. 200/- per month. Each package also has a number of features such as a dedicated domain, number of pages, dedicated mobile site, email account, SEO, and Logo.

Each WEB4U package has a number of features such as dedicated domains, email accounts, SEO etc (Image Credits: Vokare)

Customers can also apply for content creation and social media channel creation as well. For now, it’s limited to Instagram. Malraj Balapitiya – CEO of SLT Digital Info Services Ltd shared that “We believe this is an excellent opportunity for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) looking for innovative ways to increase their revenue and create brand awareness. The Web4U initiative is a timely need for the Sri Lankan market where businesses can make their online presence felt to achieve all of their business goals on a limited budget despite challenging economic conditions in our country.”

Taking a look at what WEB4U has to offer

We decided to check out the WEB4U website to see the extent of their services. The website itself is quite informative and not too flashy. They offer a total of 5 packages. The differences in each package are listed in the form of a table. The bottom of the table has what is probably the most important information: the cost of implementation. They also have easy payment solutions as well. 

The packages offered (Image Credits: WEB4U)

Each package also has its own list of sample sites. These are actual websites that have been created by WEB4U. The websites themselves range from fashion and clothing to education, and holiday resorts as well. 

Should I build my next Website with WEB4U?

Well, based on the breakdown of the costs and the features you get, you can give them a try. For example, a dedicated domain with up to 25 pages for only LKR 1,900/- per month actually sounds pretty good. Because WEB4U will also take care of the content writing as well, you don’t have to worry about what to write about your product. But do make sure you check out grammar and sentence construction. 

If you’re an SME looking to build a website and you’re on a limited budget, then you could look at WEB4U to help you set things up. If you have made use of these services before, we would love to hear your feedback about it.


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