WhatsApp hits a milestone as the Facebook empire expands


“Can you just WhatsApp it to me?” has now become a common question in the lives of many of us. Last year, we learned that one billion people use WhatsApp every month. Now that number has changed to one billion people using the messaging app every day.  This is a massive feat for the messaging app, which is now being used by one in seven people across the planet. The $19 billion that Facebook initially paid to acquire the messaging app when it only had 350 million daily users doesn’t seem so crazy now.

But these one billion daily users are only one part of the picture. In total, WhatsApp now has 1.3 billion monthly users as well. This shows that 75% of WhatsApp users return and use the app every single day. Together, they send 55 billion messages every day, with 4.5 billion being pictures and 1 billion being videos. And if you dig deeper into the numbers you’ll find that WhatsApp Stories, which is its clone of Snapchat now has 250 million daily users, while Snapchat itself only has 166 million users for its entire app.

WhatsApp and Facebook expand
Image credits: WhatsApp

The 250 million user metric for WhatsApp stories comes from Mark Zuckerberg – CEO of Facebook, as he announced the other updates with the latest community update. These numbers show that alongside WhatsApp, Instagram stories also has 250 million daily users. Needless to say, while nobody cares about Facebook stories, the company is still winning the war against Snapchat with both Instagram and WhatsApp.

But now if we take a step back from Stories and look at the rest of the platform, Facebook too has hit a milestone. According to the Facebook Q2 2017 Earnings and community update, the social media giant now has 2 billion monthly users, with 1.32 billion using the platform every day. Furthermore, 2 billion messages are being sent between these users and businesses on the Messenger app.

Needless to say, with so many people using these platforms, Facebook now plays a key role in shaping how we communicate with each other. And it has definitely made Facebook a very prosperous company. The earnings showed that this massive audience has given Facebook $9.3 billion in revenue and $3.89 billion in net income. This shows a 71% increase in profit compared to the same period last year.

WhatsApp and Facebook expandSo where does Facebook plan to go next? According to Mark Zuckerberg, the company aims to be more aggressive in finding ways to introduce advertising and monetization into its messaging products. That means both Messenger and WhatsApp will likely get such features in the near future. Additionally, the company also plans to more aggressively focus on video as well. This would involve a program paying content creators to create regular episodic series, which might begin as early as next month.

Ultimately, the Facebook empire is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. Its platforms are used by a vast majority of the world’s population and play a key role in how we communicate with each other today. And with this empire, prosperity has followed with rising profits, despite a massive army of 20,658 employees (as of June 30th, 2017) and an R&D budget that grew by 25% from this same period last year.


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